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I just started building a newly designed site. I started which will be a store for great components used in thousands of free energy design circuits, from cores and coil formers to mosfets, IGBT's, Relays, Resistors, Spark Gaps, Unique and hard to find components that aren't available in very many locations, as well, I plan on having a section where you could meet folks to speak about free energy systems/circuits, designs and products needed to build them. We offer a location to upload your jpg or png file of schematics, download many for free, or purchase the premium circuits that we work on that truly function. There will eventually be so much added to the site, I haven't shut it for construction so I will be allowing followers to become free or paid members. Paid members will have free access to an area which allows a lot of other things to happen, such as a discrete interconnection between users that do not want to be physically seen in the public pages. We respect your privacy and your well being, so we try to take the danger away for those of you who have the wrong kind of attention with your current screenames used online. We suggest you guys and gals all use new alias's and privately contact each other to let your groups know we will offer so much with proceeds coming from membership fees and other fund raising support that we will eventually offer. The best part of this all is that I will personally spend several hours per day updating the site, adding some partner ads, and it would be most beneficial that my members support us by visiting sponsors from time to time, it does assist pay for the effort and costs that keep growing due to the hosting fees, builder fees, and components sales. Thank you all for your support. I have so much to add to the site, so please be patient, and if you guys have any ideas for us to use and add to the site, we want to put what you would like to be there, we offer testing services of circuits which will prove to others that the systems you build truly work. We truly appreciate all the support you guys could offer. We admire those who participate and assist others, we love doing the same. You will see comments sent to our Youtube channel stating the
fact that we respond to thousands of our followers. This is a start of a new revolution, the revolution where we and thousands of others perfect their DIY free energy systems, assist others in the replicaation and explanation of how the circuit functions, key elements of the build, and of course secondary methods and components to allow very rapid disclosure of these extremely clever designs that do what Science will never agree with.. Put out more than what went in to them in the first place! We will eventually have magnetics and gravity altering circuits as well! This is all coming to you all slowly by March 1st, so please send everybody you know that may be interested. We are going to include all of Advanced Electronic's HHO designs completely free unless we offer some of our premium designs, then those are paid, and once paid, we will offer a support section where Forum users will be able to assist with your build, ours, or just about any other radiant energy device known to man. We and they will also assist or attempt to if it seems to be an extraordinary new technology that will revolutionize and help save our world! 

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Ask us about our new hho torch machine..if your interested contact us as its not available on our site yet. Thank you!

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Check out our hi-end electronics for HHO (Braun gas) or H2 generators. Most effective and rich-equipped devices that suits your needs.

hi, any one here from bc , canada? 

doing installations? resale?

Are there portable h2 generators that will plug into auxiliary outlets?

If I generated my own hydrogen on my auto how much power would it take to supplement say 25% of my fuel intake?

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Preparation of Hydrogen

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The modified "Boyce" style 6 x 6, 101 plate electrolyser construction. I will post my progress along the way. This baby puts out some serious gas, and it's all the right stuff which is 4 times more powerful than gasoline because the electronics are put together the correct way using multiple frequencies which create the "Ether", which is "cold electricity", and it will do whatever you need it to do. No need for use as just a "fuel additive", as it produces more than 55 lpm which will operate most 4 stroke engines. I will need some assistance from some of my online friends with the ECU system, tuning, and the correct injection modifications, etc. TPU is a must with this system because you need the good gas and not just standard HHO which will make the engine pop away and fizzle out. This does exactly what Stan's Red Laser/High voltage electron stripper does, but, this allows much more fuel to be made for much larger projects. I have an 8 cylinder that needs to be great on fuel, and this system is all about that. The gas is made at such a volume that no smaller than a 1 inch diameter feed tube is recommended so minimal back pressure is created. A 5 lb safety switch is necessary to shut the unit off when the pressure is up over 4 ounces, so the fuel rail could be fed from a unit like this on a very large cu inch engine at under 8 amps at 165 volts DC. I will post some of my results soon with the wrong cells being used. I have a 19 plate series cell, 7 x 3 cell which is making 7-14 lpm with ease, unfortunately, this unit uses much less current. The other is a dry cell that burns at 12-15 amps at the same voltage because it has too light of spacing and " a special resonance " that is obtained and very easily duplicated because the instructions are all online. The PWM3G is necessary if you do not know how to combine 3 high frequency pwm's for best results like I do.
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