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List of cartoons template is somewhere near the bottom. We also made a Skype group!

Welcome to my horrible community! This is my small community for people who like to make cartoons!

If you're a moderator, you can:

· Put your channel as a category.
· Link your channel on the community's about page.
· Add your cartoon to the "List of Cartoons" document!

All members are free to advertise their channel here as long as they have their own cartoons on them!

If you link a video that breaks the Google+ rules or YouTube community guidelines, you will be banned.

If you're a moderator, I have given you permission to be on our list of cartoons.

Template for adding your cartoon:

Software used:
Short Description of your cartoon (Optional):
Status of cartoon:
Episodes finished:

-This post will be edited later in the future.-

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5 Months for this???

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Does This Have To End?

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This is just a little Preview of the Final season of The Power Cube series

Made a list of cartoons, which only moderators are allowed to edit.

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SPOILERS of what's going to happen in The Power Cube season 2 Finale.

If you're a moderator, I have given you permission to add your channel as a category.

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