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Native English teacher Flora: Hi there, offering English language lessons via Skype! I also have a degree (BA) in French and am offering French lessons. I am happy to work on general conversation, grammar practice, vocabulary and so on. Please get in touch for more info. Thanks for looking at my profile!

#learnenglish #englishteacher #nativeenglishspeaker #blabmate

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There is more to communication than words. This fascinating article explains the cultural foundations of language....

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Learn ot practise English online via Skype, Hangout etc
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When you cast back on your first year abroad, what was the top demanding situation that you struggled the most with? Were you aware of it before you went abroad? Is there anything you would like to change if you are in that situation again? : )

Congratulations, everyone!
It's been a month since we started the community. We've since welcomed 20 members and hosted 1 live Google Hangout session. To encourage more participation and invite more members, please post your ideas about how to make the community better or anything that you want to discuss both through posts and in our next Hangout session. If you know any American's interested in China and education or any Chinese students coming to/studying in the US, please invite them to join as well! 
Your feedback would be much appreciated! Together we can make this a dynamite space! ^_^ 

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Our first Google Hangout - We hosted our FIRST hangout session last Saturday. It was fun to chat and play around with the special effects in the video! Hope more could join next time! :)

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"Are Chinese people less 'shy' when they go to KTV? "
Personally, while my American friends view KTV more like going out - they like to dance, have fun and don't care much about how well they could sing, Chinese people often enjoy singing more, the music, lyrics, music video of a tragic love story (just kidding) XD.
What do you think? What are some of the differences interesting things you've observed?

Hi All, couple of announcements for this week: 
- Our community theme for April: WHAT are some of the exciting, confusing, joyful, sad or surprising experiences you've had after coming to the US/China; WHY did it make you feel that way; HOW did you react?; WHAT did you learn from them?
- Posts are not limited to written texts. Feel free to post a picture/drawing/video/audio/etc and be CREATIVE!
-  Themes to be announced: strategies for transition, buddy making + Q&A, Chinese Week 中文周
- Those who haven't introduced themselves or joined our first theme of discussion on "an interesting experience", please feel free to follow up on that. Meanwhile, don't forget to COMMENT&SHARE other's posts. (^ ^)y

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Chinese students buying luxury cars in US once they found out price is 2~3 times cheaper here than China. They've been boosting sales of car dealer near campus, who are sponsoring Chinese student organization to get more advertising. Calvin Yang, 24, senior at Oregon State University says, "I’ve seen some students—they’ve bought a car three days after they arrived in the U.S.” Among Chinese student car buyers in the U.S. in the past two years, 32 percent paid cash. You thoughts on this?

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You can now win these cool badges! And there's more on the way.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - "Welcome": Thanks for shouting your name out in the community! Post your thoughts, ideas and meet friends!
- "Active member": Congratulations! You're post 10 times in our community (20/30 on the way)
- "Hangout MasterLevel 1": Congratulations! You're now Hangout Master Level 1 (level 2/3 ton the way)
- "Smarty Award": thank you for you thoughtful contribution in posting, commenting or hangout sessions!
- "Big Bro/Sis": Award for bringing more energy to our community through your dynamic, energetic contribution
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