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New profile template:
Weapon(s) of choice:
Ranger number (if ranger):
Fief (if ranger):
Master (if apprentice):
Pic (optional):

((tell me if i'm forgetting anything))

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Age: 17
Name: Skadi Starfollower
Weapons of choice: Knives, throwing axes
Occupation: Diplomat (in-training)
Master (if apprentice): Svengal
Bio: My father is Erak, Oberjarl of Skandia. I love the mountains, the sea, my family and friends, hunting, . I am currently residing in castle Araluen to "further my diplomatic abilities," as my father puts it.
Appearance: Blonde, brown eyed. Very fit and athletic. Dresses like a girl but is mostly a tomboy.

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2nd profile

"Give me 50 knives, and i'll stick one in each and every ranger. Give a few extras, and i'll pretty up their apprentices with their own blood"

Name: Unknown. Known to rangers as Destroyer.
Occupation: Assassin of rangers
Weapons: Hidden knives all over his body
Age: unknown
Bio: He is a weapons master dressed in black. He started out as a normal farmer with weapon skills to defend his cattle from scotti raiders. He then started to hate rangers after Halt, Will, and Horace made him regroup his cows after they scattered them to scare away scotti raiders. (he was on the farm that they saved in book 9). He then found people who would pay him to kill rangers. From then on, his hatred of rangers grew into deeper reasons, and he assassins only rangers for a living.

Name: Malkallam (origanal name: Matt Giezer)
Weapon(s) of choice: Dirk, three throwing knives, saxe, longbow + arrows
Occupation: Was a ranger
Age: 38
Ranger number (if ranger): Used to be #2
Fief: went between fiefs: Redmont/Whitby/Castle Araluen/Alpina/Seacliff, but now lives in grimsdell woods
Bio: He was the best ranger of his time. He got greedy and tryed to become head ranger. When his request got declined, he killed the current king, and the head ranger and fled into Grimsdell woods. He then took advantage of the old sorcerer legend Mallaklam and changed his name. He now currently has 8 ex-rangers on his side. He is the current biggest threat against araluen.

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Name: Liran Greycloak
Age: 30
Weapon: Longbow, saxe knife, throwing knife
Occupation: Ranger
Ranger number: 9
Bio: Son of one of the Kings of Picta. Ran away to Araluen at a young age. Found by one of the old rangers and trained. Was an apprentice during Morgorath's rise and went into exile when his master was assassinated. Was reinstituted as a master and assigned to Aspienne Fief.
Appearance: Black hair, a little above average height, grey eyes, grey cloak.

Name: Baronet
Password: !#$%&*@ (shhhhhhh)

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Age: 17
Name:Josh Windblue 
Weapon(s) of choice: Bow, Peculiar fighting knife (in place of saxe)
Occupation: Ranger's Apprentice
Bio: Araluen in birth, Josh had a fascination with archery and the stealth aspect of Ranger training. Eventually he got the chance to pursue his dream when he met a former ranger who was willing to train Josh. Official records conclude here until the present day. 
Appearance: medium-tall, brown short-cropped hair, close to clean shaven, few scars from his youth
Pic (optional):

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Age: 15~
Name: Isis O'Carrick
Weapons of Choice: Ranger's Weapons
Occupation: Honorary Ranger
Bio: Isis is the daughter of Halt. After he left, she ran away to find him. After running into Gilan, who was visiting, he takes her to Halt. She is still with him to this day. She sleeps in the stable loft because Will stole her room.
Appearance: Ranger's garb
Age: About the same as Halt
Name: Coffee
Weapons of Choice: Teeth and claws
Occupation: Halt's dog
Bio: She has been with him since his early years.
Appearance: l
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New profile template:
Age: 16(??? I can't remember will likely change)
Name: Shyla Carter
Weapon(s) of choice: N/A
Occupation: Scribes Apprentice
Bio: (Written somewhere. Will fill in when found.)
Appearance: Average height with short blonde hair and gray eyes.
Pic (optional):

((tell me if i'm forgetting anything))

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Age: 27
Name: Jacob Ranger Of Seacliff
Weapons: longbow (reinforced with iron strips), dual ranger knives, dual-hilted sword
Appearance: blond, tall, mysterious, calculating
occupation: Ranger, based in seacliff, wanders araluen
Bio: trained by gilan after failing miserably in a defensive bar fight. Mysterious origin

Horse: Arrow
Password: classified

I've forgotten what my old profile was :3
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