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Lily picks up a black cat, that is injured and limping. She smiles assuringly at it and gently strokes his head Don't worry little one, we will get you fixed up. she smiles as it playfully swipes at her hair with its good paw (open) 

Nebula (formerly Glow) sits at home with her cat.

I have a hangout now!

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Quote "I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery"

Name: Lillian Poderoso
Nickname: Lily, Lil, Lin
Preferred name: Lily
Age: 15
Gender: female
Race: human
Sexuality: straight
Powers: healing magic, various small types of magic
Weapons: sword, daggers, can use both long and crossbow, small guns maybe a rifle
Personality: shy at times, stubborn, a bit arrogant
Abilities/ skills- healing, hand to hand, Sharp-shooting
Likes: the rain, the ocean, spring, being challenged
Dislikes: snow, winter, having things easy, weak people or lazy people
Weakness: she wants to help others, and will allow herself to be hurt in doing so. Has a large weakness for children.
Strength: she is better trained then she leads off, can take opponents by surprise easily
Home: where ever is safe
Occupation: soldier for hire
Pet: Shadow, a large black cat
Theme song:

Bio: She is and oddity in her family. She excels in fighting and healing. She was supposed to be some special girly girl, instead she became a soldier to be wary of. She worked in the family business for years, then ran of. She is well trained, but tries to stay unnoticed. Because of her past she rarely trusts people, and often has her past come back and come after her. She hates admitting she needs help, though she admires those that help her anyway.

Hair color: blonde
Hair Style: down or pulled into simple single ponytail
Hair Type: long
Eye color: blue green
Skin color: tan
Natural cheek color: slight pink
Natural lip color: light pink
Makeup: rarely wears any, if does its simple
Nails: cut short
Body Type: thin and fit
Tattoos: has a ~ mark on the back of her shoulder
Birthmarks: none

Dad: dead
Mom: dead
Brother: lost
Sister: never had one
Lover: none

Mentor: none as of right now
Apprentice: none
Friend(s): few, not around here
Best friend(s): none
Team: her own
Enemies: many 
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Lily walks through the forest, she appears weak and helpless and lost ((open))


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Here's Glow's form for anyone who forgets (I'm changing her name too)
Name: Nebula Tamian (Formerly Glow)
Universe: Death Note
Age: 18
Lore: A world-famous musician, who's become a web comedian. Kira had saved her life, killing the man who tried to rape her. However she isn't a supporter of Kira. She hated her parents, who were assassins, but she still hurt when Kira had taken them. She's always loved stars, and as soon as the government offered her a chance to legally change her name when she turned 16, she accepted it immediately. Changing her name from Agni Melbourne, to Nebula Tamian, allowed her to forget her past, and look forward to the future. She owns a death note, but has never used it. She only keeps it, because her Shinigami was her only friend before she met M and L. Only those closet to her call her Agni.
Friends: Maure (M), L
Crush: L
Theme: Zero Gravity by Kerli
Personality: calm, mellow, happy, impulsive, optimistic, likable, smart, clever, reliable

Just found another Anime called "Glitter Force" :-)

+Maure Keehl After Light's execution, Glow calls L. "You okay?"

Loriz :-P at home on Crow Mountain
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