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Bankruptcy and Terror is “planned” to move hand in hand in the West in the next years. Yes, there was a terror attack in Brussels recently. But do you know that there are tens of thousands of people on the streets in France protesting labor reforms right now ... at the same time? This is not a coincidence. This is a planned deviation from the failing governments in the West.

This marketing of Radical Islam and Terrorism is designed only as a “deviation” from the failing systems in the West.

George Bush went to war in Iraq. Was there any reason for it? Nope. But what it did was ... it kept the American and Western minds occupied by terror, fear and hate. Did you know that the American economy was failing and going in debt by more than $1 Trillion during George Bush’s tenure itself? Did George Bush ever talk about the debt that is being piled up? The only thing he talked about was ... Radical Islam, terrorism, Saddam Hussein, WMD ... your lives are under threat, we need to secure American lives. All of that was bullshit. The main thing that the establishment wanted to hide was the failing US economy ... that you were going in debt by $1Trillion every year. The Iraq war was only a cover up of the failed systems in the West.

If George Bush had not waged the Iraq war, then we would know about this failing economy 15 years ago ... not after George Bush left. Obama would not be gifted a $10 Trillion debt to manage. George Bush himself would be pressurized to take measures to fix the economy ... he would be pressurized to fix the system. If you remember George Bush’s tenure ... did he take any measure to fix the economy at any level? Nope. Why? We were busy with Radical Islam and wars. The only thing people were protesting about was ... bring back our troops home ... stop the wars ... we want our kids back home. That’s the only thing that you could think of. Unemployment was the highest during Bush with hundreds of thousands of people being laid off.

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