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Hey guys, anyone who loves finding new bands go follow my band on Instagram @the.official.fa! Our new sneak peak cover of "Come Together" is posted! 

Hey everyone, im new here and love to sing, I litteratly sing everyday almost all day, and always wanted to start up my own band (i live in Manitoba)

Pm for details... Starting a band and need a drummer and bassist. We are going to make a punk/pop/rock/emo/metal sort of music. Preferably 13-16 yr olds only, plz

Please take time out of your day yo go on youtube and search up Bedford falls - wake.
Would love some positivity!

I'm officially opening myself up to do lyrical collaborations and charging for my services. If you need songs or lyrics or need someone to work with lyrically, I am providing paid service to work proffesionally in which costs would be highly negotiatble seeing as I am fairly new to selling intellectual property.

I have only written for my own music and did write several lyrical songs for a video game soundtrack. I've been writing songs and improving my language skills for 7 years. I've dabbled in many genres, primarily rock and alternative as well as pop, rap, country, and metal.

If you are interested please contact me publicly or privately on Google+ or on Twitter @R.O.A.D and we can exchange emails or skype.

Thank you,
-Rae Lynn (Lead vocalist of Reminiscent Of A Daydream)

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I'm in a one man band right now, but here is one of my highly regarded songs from my solo years, Good Morning.

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online punk rockish band looking for members ages 12-16

the band is called exceed your vision (eyv)
we need a bass player, possibly another vocalist, and maybe someone who can edit audio better.
please comment any questions you have down below and i'll get to them as soon as i can.

How do I write a song? Any tips? My inspiration is Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun 😀
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