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as another day passes
I stand as tall as I can
Fighting the thoughts in my head
As time passes I break more and more
I suffer another day
In hands of those I trusted most
I try to sleep away the excruciating agony 
Numbing the endless pain
I wake up 
Finding the pain has returned 
Worse than ever before
Surviving another day is painful
 I think of ways out 
Anyway out
I took the dullest knife
Slowly glided it a crossed
My already scarred skin
Feeling its coolness
Thick crimson blood dripping down my arm
My body giving out
The room becoming dark
To find myself in a hospital bed
Sickly white walls
Like a holding cell
Being trapped in my mind
Unable to ever escape
Hooked up to machines 
Beeping and screeching
 I said “its was ok”
“I’ll be fine by myself”  
They released me to go
 I went home waiting for the right time
 To do it then
To not let anyone pull me back into the dark world
So when no one was home
I pulled out the dark object 
 And tapped my head trying to find a reason
 Not to pull the trigger
Not to end it all
But not a single one is herd
 The voice in my head is telling me to do it
I placed the gun to my chest
Then it became warm 
My body numb
Not a noise in the air 
The world grew dark
And as I laid there lifeless on the floor
Slowly crying myself into the endless sleep 
I whispered goodbye 

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Lol :)
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Lol goodnight beautiful people 💜🔮

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A butterfly..

Question of the day: What do you think of yourself?..

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This is absolutely horrible...who in the right mind would do this to a poor creature?..
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This is terrible... :( Almost ruined my day... Share to show everyone what these people are doing to our beloved animals!

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Happy Valentine's Day....

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