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Name: (name is unknown but their nickname is Nightstalker)

Age: 19

Gender: male

Status: guardian of humanity

Bio: after earths golden age came a dark age where very little lived. Guardian's were chosen to protect the last survivors no matter the cost. Engineered and brain wshed by umbrella the human (guardian) is lost and escapes umbrella testing facility

Operation Judgement day was launched by a unknown enemy government to kill the remaining guardians


duskdethag was driving in his Bentley when he heard someone calling for help he put the pedal to the metal

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Alex lives inside of a gas station in town and he made base and he was looking for survivors out in town (open rp)

does anyone wanna rp

(+James Mansfield+Selene Mansfield​ in rp but open for 2 or 1 people in the rp)

James was looking for food and water but I was in charge for the food and water but James found 2 survivors

driving into the country side I seen +Ghost Reaper walking around the place I stopped my car I walked out walked to him what are you doing around here

Name: Alex Bishop

Age: 14

Gender: male

Sex: straight.

Family: dead.

Friends: dead and made new ones in the wasteland.

Weapons: double barrel shotgun, 9mm pistol, m16 assault rifle with grenade launcher attached and incinerated bullets, sniper rifle, m14 semi automatic rifle with a flame thrower attach.

Hometown: New York City.

Bio: I was a gamer and I work at a autoshop with my dad and the apocalypse started but I was underground in a bunker and I was frozen in a cryogenic pod over 5 years and I was the same age before someone finds me.

hey +Alice tha slayer wanna rp

Rp anyone
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