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New Vinland IV
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Ein netter Report über unsere derzeitige Mission
On my way to visit Starfleet I stopped off to see how the Kea Space Station was progressing. What a treat to see the crew towing the various pieces of machinery and building supplies through space! The space station itself is a huge ovoid that sits majestically amongst the stars waiting patiently for the galaxy of visitors to come by.

Standing at the helm, staring out into the vastness of space, one gets such a feeling of awe and inspiration. The twinkling of the far off planets make a delightful backdrop for the shuttles as they cruise about tending to their business, I cannot wait for my next visit to see
how they've progressed and eagerly await news.

For now though, I must continue my journey and forge onward to StarFleet. and rendezvous with the USS Davy Crocket, I was given information that they were on their way to a planet suffering a strange malady.

Having safely arrived at the USS Davy Crockett I was asked to stay on board while the away team investigated, when they came back they allowed me to see their report, and share it with you! Here then is their report:

Starfleet investigates strange plant disease at Perain-System.

Starfleet News Service reports, that the Benta-Re Leadership requested assistance to investigate a strange plant disease at their farmstead colonies at Perain-System.
The Perain Sun-System is 13 LY away from our world. The Benta-Re are a reclusive species that live two sectors away from the New-Vinland Colony.
"To show our good will, Sector Command at New Vinland agreed to send out a scientific vessel. The USS Davy-Crockett already establish a research
site and start investigations.", a spokesman of the SNS informs us. "It is really strange. The planet has a very high index on the bio-mass-index.
The continents are covered by dense jungle and swamp. We find out that only foreign planted crops suffer from this disease. The native fauna is not affected."
At the moment, there is no evidence that this disease affected other colonies and settlements, like our own home. But to reduce the risk we establish an exclusion-zone till we find a solution for the problem out there."

We keep you informed here.

Cpt. D.S. Brôgdram (Selenmoira Resident)
CO U.S.S. Davy-Crockett
CA New Vinland Colony (Digiworldz)
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88071-161219 Home
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Winter Event at the New Vinland Colony
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88071-161212 heading home
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Welcome Party aboard the USS Davy-Crockett
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Saturday Night Party at Digiworldz. Fun with the citizen of this world.
Samstag Nacht Party auf Digiworldz. Spass mit den Bewohnern dieser Welt.
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