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Mark your calendars now for this FUN event... always a Hoot! It's the day before Dad' s Day ... so get your family together and let's honor our Dads! Win! and get your name on the Wall of Winners!

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Rich WIlliams has some great vehicles on The Opensimlife Grid.

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BMW Drifting on The Pro Racer Hill Climb.
How good are your Drifting Skills ?
A new region called Pro Racer Hill Climb on The Next Reality Grid.
A full region featuring a Hill climb run. There are cars available at the landing point. Just click the box and choose your car.
How quick can you get up and down the hill ?
Post your times here... racer hill climb - or if you have problems just HG to the grid and search on the map.

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What a GRAND time we all had the 3rdLife Grid Raceway Grand Opening... +Torben Asp wowed us with his great music and Particles Show and then the Race was on... vroooooooooooom. +Joe Builder came in lst Place , 2nd Place Sunbeam Magic and 3rd Place was +Cori Parkin. Congratulations!!!
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Who will be the First to have their name and picture put up on the "Wall of Winners" 3rdLife Raceway? Come early to pick up your Pit Pass and sign up for the big (16 Region track) Race and Grand Opening. First: Be wowed by +Torben Asp 's Amazing Particle Show and Original Music... Torben starts at 6 PM. Then the Race at begins at 7 PM ... then let's PARTY HARTY!!!! with +DJTommy Seetan
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The Pro Racer Lap Timer

*** Please watch the video for explanation ***

I need some help from a good scripter with this excellent Lap Timer.
I had this setup at a big cost scripted for me years ago when I was in Secondlife when Pro Racer first started. This was the era of the Wear Me Car (i.e attach to Pelvis using Fly Scripts).

If I just use my avatar to fly through the gates everything works fine.

The main point being the Lights Board, it has a lap counter on it. (You choose the amount of laps to race at the start and the counter shows the chosen number, every time you go through the green gate it counts down until it gets to '0' Then all the lights revert back to Red and the race is Ended and times are sent to the boards which can be many of them anywhere on a region.

Here is the PROBLEM. If I jump in one of my Bullet scripted cars everything works fine, even lap times appear in Chat. BUT, The main Lights board with the lap counter does not count down the laps and when the race has ended it will not end the race and the lights will not obviously revert back to Red.

Now this problem is because somewhere which I believe is the lights board itself is not seeing the car, only the Avatar Name.

I need a very good scripter to have a look at this and try to sort it out for me. I have been trying for years with no luck.

There are some good race tracks around the Hypergrid which could benefit from this timer, as well as the Pro Racer Circuit & Alexander Street Racing Circuit I have some great tracks coming up very soon which have been built by a great mesher in Opensim. (Can't wait for those.)

If any scripter can sort this out I will happily set this system up for anyone with a race circuit which can be car, boat or plane racing on their region for a small fee. I would also be happy to pay a scripter a few Dollars if they can help.

I think this is an excellent timing system and could be a great benefit in Opensim.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Check this out. This is my BMW M3 Drifting on a Hill Climb. Absolutely Awesome. Sorry about the Video quality. I had it on the wrong setting.

I would like to Thank Tiaal Allen for the fantastic Mesh Hill Climb and Erin Davies for an excellent drift script.

Lost more great things are coming to Pro Racer Soon !
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