I know this seems like a long shot, but I was wondering if I could possibly be Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler?

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Quote: "Come on, Pretty Boy. Let's see what you got."
"That's so unfair!"
"I just want to be alone..."

Name: Hailey Steel

Gender: Female

Superhero name: Darkness

Age: 16

Appearance: Jet black hair with dark brown highlight, chocolate brown eyes, tan skin, tall, charm bracelet with a wolf, heart shaped locket, white cami, black skinny ripped jeans, short black leather jacket, black and white converse.

Superhero appearance: Jet black hair with white highlight, white eyes, pale skin, tall, charm bracelet with a wolf, heart shaped locket, black eye mask, black and white high heel converse, black long sleeve crop top, white ripped jeans

Power: Black magic

Race: Metahuman

Earth: Earth 2

Sexual orientation: Straight

Crush: No one at the moment

Like: Saving people, music, being alone

Dislikes: Crowds, her powers, rules

Friends: No one yet

Personality: Sweet, funny, stubborn, shy

Faceclaim: Lily Collins

Bio: She's from Earth 2, has been a Metahuman her whole life. She doesn't have full control of her powers. She pushes people away from her just so she can protect them. She had ran away from Earth 2 just protect her friends and family. She has been living in Central City for a month now. She has protect Central City (while the Flash was doing other things) by being the mystery girl called Darkness.

Location: Every where

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