Hi everyone!
Has anyone installed LiSpeak in Lubuntu 15.10?
Is it possible, I mean, will it work?

Is this project dead?

Here's a really dumb question. How do you set the hot key? I installed LiSpeak, but I can't figure out how to set the hot key. Can someone point me in the right direction?

where I get the accents when writing place the accents?

no parece que este proyecto este vivo, no se responde y no se ven avances de nuevas actualizaciones del sistema

Brett, I just freshly installed LiSpeak on Ubuntu 14.04 X86_64 from the Github Repo, and the install went just fine, no errors. Hotkey mapping & activation seem to work fine. However, when I try to give it commands after activation of the hotkey, while the mic indicator is green (like banshee, geditcontrol), it returns command not recognized. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi i keep on getting an error saying that serial is not a module when i run ./lispeak --setup

is this project dead? i was just womdering id love to get this working
i would like to intergrate cmusphinx to this so it will work

hi i recently reinstalled great gui by the way , its about time someone started to do a gui for voice recontion on linux  i statred mine i qt  but the problem im having is getting voice reconition to work  and ive tried them all they all have some kind of problem with them , so far this is the best as far as funtions and ease of use whitch is important for everday use , and the network control is an awsome idea ,anyways my microphone icon works in dock it detects voice and noises but i cant get any tts or any commands to run also i found my  Main dic. is empty. any suggestions? i am new to this so im going to work with it as well , i was just wondering if there was any easy solution .

i took /LiSpeak-master/main/setup/defualts/modes/en/main.dic file and copied it to the /LiSpeak-master/reconigtion/modes/main.dic file
so far no effect ?
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