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NovoPulp Anthology - Volume 3 Launch Party Hangout on Air
Sunday Dec 13th 2015 - 10pm CET - 4pm EST - 1pm PST - 8am AEDT (Mon)
NovoPulp Anthology - Volume 3 Launch Party Hangout on Air
Sunday Dec 13th 2015 - 10pm CET - 4pm EST - 1pm PST - 8am AEDT (Mon)

As we have just published our third NovoPulp anthology we want to give you a chance to get to know some of the people who contributed to the book.

We will have discussions with, and hear readings from: +Niamh Brown (Commute to Death), +Tantra Bensko (Place Theory), and +David Grigg (The Golden City).

So if you would like to get a sneak peek of NovoPulp Anthology - Volume 3, then this is your chance to listen to us read from the book and discuss our work. 

Learn more about NovoPulp at:

Watch more NovoPulp videos at:

Direct link to the NovoPulp Book Store:

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Just got my first feedback on my story Commute to Death by +Dr. Edwin Thomasson :D

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NovoPulp Anthology Volume 3 Release Date is Announced + Get Sneak Peek of New Cover!

Your wait is almost over, the NovoPulp Anthology - Volume 3 is on it's way! NovoPulp Anthology - Volume 3 will be released on:
Black Friday - 27th November 2015!

This year we will finally publish in time for Christmas. So if you want to read our latest anthology, or you have a friend who is into speculative fiction, then you can get a copy of NovoPulp this Christmas to fill those stockings!


Below you can see the third in the series of covers from +Marc Reynes Ferra. We at NovoPulp HQ love our latest anthology and wanted to show you what it will look like. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Read More:

Learn More:

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Copenhagen Dreaming 2015 featuring +NovoPulp!

Today I got to meet the wonderful people at Copenhagen Dreaming 2015. It was based at Rundetaarn/Round Tower ( in the city center. I've always wanted to go there, as I had seen pictures of it online and it looked like a lovely building.

I got to introduce a few more people to NovoPulp and got to sell a some copies too. I've also got a couple of books to add to my reading list from the other exhibitionists, including the latest book from the host +Billy O'Shea It's Only A Clockwork Moon.

What I liked about this event is that it was not limited to just novelists but also was open to comic artists, crafts and arts, or any medium inspired by speculative fiction.

I had a grand time and even got a chance to try out their Oculus Rift demo where you fly inside an airship, which was awesome!!!!

Well here are the photos from the day. Enjoy! :D

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Hi Guys, I could REALLY use your help on two thing.

A short while ago after some quite negative experiences with American readers of one of my short stories about an angry atheist in a mushroom afterlife followed by more negativity on a Goodreads group, I decided to throw in the towel and quit writing fiction. Deleted my Goodreads profile, unpublished all my stories on Amazon and Play, deleted my Facebook author page and FB account and made my SW stories permafree. At that point I thought I would never again write fiction.

One of my short stories was still in the que for inclusion in +NovoPulp , and after I got a rejection mail yesterday stating that after all my story wasn't suitable in its current form, and after reading the rejection mail that was the 180 degrees of the critique I would usually get on this story, somehow this mail triggered something inside of me that makes me want to consider getting back to writing fiction.  It was the combination of the well, unusual feedback that said the opposite of the 'you need to use 10 times the words for this story' type of feedback I was used to getting, combined with me being surprised by my own disappointment about the rejection while I thought I had emotionally closed the fiction writing chapter in my life that got me thinking if my decision to totally quit writing fiction may have been premature.  I slept on it for a night and the next day the seed planted by the rejection mail had grown significantly.
I am now seriously considering getting back to writing fiction by means of a rewrite of this very story.

There are however two things that I really need before I dare get back to writing fiction:

1) A book doctor to help me rewrite this book while staying true to its original essence.

2) A good negativity strategy.

Basically the fiction I write up until now has been short,dense,provocative and brainy. Hardly the qualities that attract a large public, but as the saying goes, "Write what you love to read", it is the stuff that I, being a cognitively impaired slow reader with a triple nine percentile intelligence, prefer to read myself. I really need a good book doctor to help me with some sane advice that helps me maintain these things that I consider core qualities while seriously improving it on all other fronts that don't take away from fitting in with my own personal prefered taste in reading. A line from a GR review truly captured what I was aiming for and what I would like to keep the general feel off when doing my rewrite:

"Its like a synopsis of first 3 Dune books interleaved with a synopsis of Planet of the Apes mixed with a few sprinkles of 1984 and The Da Vinci Code that than all got turned into a 10 minute movie trailer narrated by Morgan Freeman. "

The current  (about 10k words) story is available for free in its current form on Smashwords:

and in a special version for the cognitive impaired:

I could really use some advice at how to retain the feel that the above review fragments communicates.

Any "book doctor" advice would be greatly appreciated, however the usual "needs more character development" and "needs more dialog" advice don't quite align with the vision I have for this story. It needs to be more of a Silmarillion like high world-building-density alternate history than a Hobbit style story that focuses more on other aspects of storytelling like character building and dialog.

Than for my second problem. My stories, including this one, are very much inspired by stories from scripture. A thing that seems to make some people, exclusively American people by the way, hostile in a way that I find impossible to cope with.  As I have difficulty with dealing with negativity on that scale, up to the point where my health suffers in a way that seriously may prove hazardous. So before I start writing fiction again I truly need to find out how to deal with negativity. Trying for a less provocative writing mode and thus compromising my creative integrity does seem like a rather big price to pay for avoiding negativity. So I hope that rather than avoiding the negativity I can somehow discover a good strategy for actually dealing with it without risking my health or even my life in doing so. 

So I have two questions I hope someone can help me with:

1) Given my above vision for a rewrite for this story, would anyone consider reading it and giving me some book doctor advice as how to proceed with a rewrite that stays true to my original vision.

2) Can anyone give me advice on how to deal with or channel the negativity that seems to flow from writing provocatively about scripture inspired subjects in a way that won't risk my personal health.

It would be kinda amazing if a rejection could actually end up getting me writing fiction again, so I really hope someone may be able to help me with the above two issues.

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3D printing technology is taking off.

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July 31st is the 2015 NovoPulp Editing Deadline - Plus the Latest Openings in NovoPulp HQ
July 31st is the 2015 NovoPulp Editing Deadline - Plus the Latest Openings in NovoPulp HQ

"In 2015 we are changing the way the deadlines work at NovoPulp. If you have visited the website recently, or watched the second NovoPulp Launch Party Hangout on Air, you will have noticed I've started talking about the writing deadline as the 'Editing Deadline' instead. 

It came to my attention recently that some people were unclear about how the deadline worked. This made me re-examine how we were using it behind the scenes and found that what we needed was a deadline for each stage of the process in HQ. This allows for a more flexible schedule for the writers and artists as they are free to submit their work all year round..."

Read more:

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Right now a bit of science fiction bit of science theory. in the future could spell disaster.

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