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omg. like. sup ya'll. it me. ember. how are you? i have been so inactive. i am so sorry! i have had a lot of family stuff happening, and i have been going through a ton of emotional things as well (i broke up with my boyfriend.. rip) i will try to be more active since i really don't have anymore friends after i left my boyfriend. whoops. anyway, good day/evening everyone! <33

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So um i have a role play here its going to be fun i will have my main character i made her name is briar and she is a shadow night i am not going into boring details unless you ask me too... But anyway

i am walking through the forest alone and scared after my village has been destroyed

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hi im new here this is my oc XD
bff:+Raegan Jinson (know her from my old acc) +marisa-sama -valentine (know her too) yeh and more people theese are just like bff bff
fav ships:jordan and raegan,marisa and james jess and laurance
and this is me im a angel btw
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The First Date
A Laurmau story
Part Four
made by me Lizzy~Chan!

Previously on TFD
"Ready to go m'lady?" Laurence asks, holding put his hand for me.
"Yes and thank you kind sir" I cursty and take his hand in mine, his warm protective grip turned my legs into jelly and I have to force myself to smile any walk alongside of him and not melting into a puddle.

~Aphmau's POV~

Laurence leads me to the base of a hill right outside the town, strings of fairy lights line the path.
"Oh Laurence... this looks beautiful" I gasp, a small smile on my lips.
"Its not as beautiful as you thought" Laurence says playfully.
"You've been practicing that haven't you?" I tease.
"Only on you, love"
"Woooow Laurence, your getting good at these"
"Sure am" he winks at me "lady's first" he steps back to let me go first.
"Thank you, kind sir" I say and walk up the hill, Laurence behind me.
Until midnight me and Laurence, talked laughed and well... cuddled together stargazing. I was sweet, romantic, and just over all heartwarming, he really is a sweet guy.
As he was walking me home his warm hand slips into mine as butterflies flutter in my belly.
"I had a good time tonight Laurence" I say softly
"Me too, thanks for coming" he says shyly
"Of course I came" I smile sweetly at him "who could say no to a face like yours?" He smiles and laughs and we continue to goof around and chat until we stop in front of my place.
"Hey Aphmau... can we do this again sometime... but would you-" I cut him off.
"Be your girlfriend next time?" I state, and look him directly in his eyes. He nods, a blush crawling to his cheeks. "Yes, of course Laurence, I would love that" I kiss his cheek and walk to my door before I turn around "Good night, Laurence."
"Good night, Aphmau" he smiles, sweetly at me before I walk into my house. I watch him walk away until trees block sight of him.

~Laurence's and Aphmau's POV~
"Oh my Irene" I sigh and fall backwards onto my couch "I really think I'm in love" I say out loud and smile to myself.

ok ok I know it's a sappy ending, but come on, it's cute. Also don't forget to leave a +1 and comment if you think I should keep going with this story! Thanks!

The First Date
a Larmau story
part three
made by me, LIZZY CHAN

Previously on TFD
I take a deep breath before opening the door to see....

A head of black hair, Zane.
"Zane! What... why are you here?" I ask, trying to act cool and natural.
"Can't I come to see my most favorite Lord ever?" Zane says, well checking me out, I shiver in disgust, "you know, you would have made a wonderful bride and excellent mother to our kids..."
"Zane. Leave. Before I get your older brother." I snap, getting really ticked off.
"Alright, alright, it was nice to see you, Lord Aphmau" he bows and takes my hand in his and lightly kisses the back of my hand just before I pull it away from him.
"I would say the same thing, but it wasn't nice at all" I snap "and get out of here before I punch you" he chuckles, amused, just before he walks away. I slam the door and slide down onto the floor, that man scares me... he doesn't even deserve to be called human. I sigh loudly just before someone else knocks on my door. I get out and open the door, Laurence stands there, flowers in his hand, a smile plastered in his face. He looks ho- I mean handsome in his black suit which makes his light brown hair and green eyes pop.
"O-Oh! Hey Laurence!" I smile, trying to hide the blush that creeps onto my cheeks as I see him staring at me, not in a creepy way, no, more in a adoring way, that sends shivers down my spin. "You look quite handsome tonight." I mentally face palm.
"Aphmau..." he breaths "you look beyond gorgeous" his emerald eyes burn into my light brown ones. I flush to a bright red.
"Th-thank you" I mange to stutter
"Your welcome, I uh- I brought these for you," he hands my the bundle of flowers, "they're your favorite"
"Oh! Thank you Laurence, hang on well I put these in some water." I say as Laurence nods, shoving his hands into his pockets. I walk into my kitchen, to see Kawaii~Chan holding a vase of water.
"Don't worry Aphmau~Senpai, Kawaii~Chan has Aphmau~Senpai covered" she says and takes the flowers from me, "now go have fun Aphmau~Senpai !" I smile a thanks and walk back over to Laurence.
"Ready to go m'lady?" Laurence asks, holding put his hand for me.
"Yes and thank you kind sir" I cursty and take his hand in mine, his warm protective grip turned my legs into jelly and I have to force myself to smile any walk alongside of him and not melting into a puddle.

HEHEHEHEHE That's all for now Like and comment for more!

The First Date
a Larmau story
part two
made by me LIZZY CHAN

previously on TFD
"Well Aph, I will see you later tonight" Laurence walks over to me and places a light kiss on my cheek. I stand their dumbfounded, Laurence kissed me... LAURENCE JUST KISSED ME! I can feel the heat rising to my cheeks.
"Y-yeah, s-see you later L-Laurence" I smile a bit and wave to him as he goes over to the ladder and climbs down it. After he had left I flop onto my bed, a huge smile plastered on my face.

~le smol timeskip~

"LAURENCE~SAMA DID WHAT?!" Kawaii~Chan shrieks as I tell her about what had happened earlier.
"H-he kissed me..." I smile not realizing that I was smiling and softly touching my lips.
"APHMAU~SENPAI WHAT ABOUT AARON~KUN?!" Kawaii~Chan shrieks, looking ready to cry over her broken ship.
"Kawaii~Chan! Me and Aaron are just friends, I swear Kawaii~Chan you are just as bad as Garroth and Laurence when it comes to him..." I mutter, crossing my arms, still smiling softly, Laurence is cute when he was jealous.
"Sorry Aphmau~Senpai... here, let's get you ready," Kawaii~Chan mutters "and I promise, purple, no pink!" She smiles and I let out a small sigh of relief, Kawaii~Chan can get a bit crazy with pink at times.

~le time skip because I am author~chan and I can do what I want!~

I gasp at the women who is staring back at me in the mirror, I look amazing! Kawaii~Chan has her ways! I'm wearing a violet lace dress with the softest silk underneath the lace, it shows off all the right curves before reaching just below my knees. My hair falls over my left shoulder and is pinned back so you can see both of my eyes, a matching violet bow rests on the back of my head, and no makeup to go for an original look.
"Kawaii~Chan! I look amazing! Thank you so much!" I praise her excellent work.
"Aphmau~Senpai looks gorgeous!" Kawaii~Chan smiles brightly, clapping her hands together in enthusiasm.
Knock knock knock
"Eep! Aphmau~Senpai that must be Laurence~Sama! Go quickly! Have fun!" Kawaii~Chan says well pushing me to the door and then hiding. I take a deep breath before opening the door to see....

ANNNNDDDDD CLIFFHANGER! =3 if you want part three like, and comment! OuO I am the best Author~Chan ever!

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