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Lesser-known features of Droid Scan: where do automatic names come from?

Short answer: the circled text in the image below shows where. Read on for details.

Not too long ago one of you wrote in to make a feature request: could the automatically generated file names follow a different pattern, or could the user select from several options. That sounds reasonable and I said yes.

But as I sat down today to work on a different feature, I noticed something: Droid Scan can already do that! When you share a group of scans, the automatic name that gets used will be whatever is in the text box preceding the first scan, plus a little added text.

For example, if you create a PDF from the scan in the image, the automatic name will be "01_November_2016_1_page_pdf."

So to choose a naming pattern, just open the "Projects" box and pick one of:

1. Any single project or All by project: shared scans will be named after the project.

2. All by date: shared scans will be named according to date.

3. All by type: shared scans will be named according to paper type.

I hope that's useful. If it's not quite what you were looking for, feel free to comment below.

Hi, the previous version had the names of the files with the time stamp, this was helpful becase when uploading the files to a directory the files will always have a unique name, now the name is always the same (Project_1_1_page_pdf) forcing us to rename the files every time. I suggest to change this to use the timestamp again or even better have a setting that will allow us to choose a file name format. Regards, Diego.

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Droid Scan 6.3 Preview for Android Gingerbread users:

As I mentioned in the last weekly wrapup, the current round of updates is completed. In fact I am working on other apps for the next couple of weeks.

As a result however of all the recent code maintenance, it became possible to get the most recent version of Droid Scan running on every Android version going back to Android 10 (Gingerbread). I am releasing this new and more compatible version as a Droid Scan 6.3 Preview. It's available now by installing Droid Scan Lite Open Beta.

If you are a Droid Scan Lite user and you are still using (stuck on?) Android Gingerbread, you can finally get a newer version of Droid Scan by switching to the open beta now. It will roll out to all users eventually but I would love to get some Android 10 users testing it now.

Weekly Wrapup: It's a Wrap

This will be the last weekly wrapup, for now, because the current round of changes is just about complete. Droid Scan 6.2.1 is now rolling out to the Lite and Pro versions of the app. Thanks for following along.

There are more updates to Droid Scan coming, just not next week or the week after that. When that next round begins, I'll post about it.

The code releasing now to DS Lite and Pro is the same version that Lite Open Beta users saw last week.

Recapping, the most visible changes are greater integration between the Properties dialog and the Magnify scan viewer, including the nice feature that the Magnify viewer can now page through a long list of scans, as well as code maintenance.

An important extra is that different versions of Droid Scan can once again run side-by-side, which will make upgrading to Pro much smoother.

The Android Platform has changed a great deal since Droid Scan was first written. The first round of changes was aimed at making sure Droid Scan would stay compatible with newer versions of Android.

With those changes mostly complete now, I am taking a look at some new features of Android that can help improve usability and integration with other apps. Details to come.

Weekly Wrapup:

Here's another quick rundown of recent and upcoming changes to Droid Scan.

This week users of the stable versions of the app (DS Lite and DS Pro) are starting to receive version 6.2, which appeared as an open beta last week. The changes in 6.2, recapping, are:

1. A new primary mode for quickly creating scans in the button bar, plus a secondary mode for organizing scans that is accessible by swiping the bar.

2. Changes to improve continuity in the scan gallery, including smooth scrolling to improve continuity and more settings that persist across app launches.

Version 6.2 is currently rolled out to 10% of users. If you haven't seen it you should be seeing it soon.

Meanwhile, more enhancements and updates are available to anyone who wants to download the lite open beta. The most visible change in this release, tentatively named 6.2.1, is greater integration between the Properties dialog and the magnify scan viewer, including the nice feature that the magnify viewer can now page through a long list of scans.

Behind the scenes, there has been a lot of code maintenance to make this possible, so plenty of testing is welcome.

That's all until next time. Thanks for reading.

Weekly Wrapup:

As the modernization and future-proofing of Droid Scan continues, I am going to check in periodically with status updates, once a week or so. These posts are an opportunity to share a variety of news items that might be too minor for individual posts, but give users an idea of how Droid Scan is progressing.

Here is your first update.

An update to Droid Scan Lite 6.1.2 is rolling out now. This includes changes that were released in the open beta last week, mainly:

1. In addition to accepting shared images from external apps that grant temporary access, Droid Scan 6.1.2 shares images using the same method. This helps protect your privacy, because you don't need to grant the Storage permission to these apps (on newer versions of Android). In the case of apps that won't even ask for the Storage permission, it means you can share scans with more apps.

2. As a result of many recent changes, non-English locales were in some cases missing up-to-date translations. Most of these have been fixed. If I have missed something, please let me know.

Meanwhile, Droid Scan Lite Open Beta is available with 6.2 features that will be rolling out soon to all versions of Droid Scan. These changes are mainly usability improvements to the scan viewer and the context-sensitive button bar:

1. A new primary mode for quickly creating scans in the button bar.

2. A secondary mode for organizing scans that is accessible by swiping the bar.

3. Smooth scrolling in the scan viewer to improve continuity.

4. More scan viewer settings that persist across app launches.

Droid Scan Pro users have not been forgotten. The Pro version will jump directly to 6.2 after it has been thoroughly tested in house and by users of the lite open beta.

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Droid Scan Lite Open Beta

If you were not aware of the lite open beta version of Droid Scan, here's a reminder.

The lite open beta is mostly identical to Droid Scan Lite, but it sometimes gets new features first. That's true currently as I continue to modernize and future-proof the app.

The lite open beta update released today adds support for granting temporary access to images and documents shared with external apps. This means the external app does not need to have Storage permissions to receive a file from Droid Scan, which helps protect your privacy.

This version of DS Lite Open Beta (6.1.2) also features minor visual updates. These updates are expected to arrive soon in DS Lite and DS Pro.

Active issue:

An update is moving towards release with a fix for a force close in Droid Scan 6.1 that affects users of Android 15-18 (ICS and Jelly Bean). Thanks very much for your patience if you are affected by this issue, which we are working to resolve as quickly as possible.

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Coming soon in Droid Scan 6.1, Day 3: Zip files and more.

Zip file creation was there already, but it was hard to find because it was a "hidden" feature of the Export to SD screen. Droid Scan 6.1 adds a new Create Zip screen.

Meanwhile, Export to SD is being deprecated. Its only real purpose was to make scans easier to find on the SD card, and now that there are a lot of good file managers available, it's redundant.

These changes are the most visible part of a general effort to modernize the way Droid Scan handles files. You may also notice that Pdf and Zip files are now stored in the public Documents folder, which is the area Android designates for these kinds of files.

Droid Scan creates an app-specific sub-folder in the Documents folder. It manages the size of this folder by deleting old files. And, also new in 6.1, it uses a simplified and more readable automatic naming scheme.

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Coming soon in Droid Scan 6.1, Day 4: Support for more image sources.

Future-proofing is a big theme of the Droid Scan 6.1 update, and a good example of this is newly added support for privacy-aware photo apps that provide only temporary access to shared images.

Google Photos is a popular app in this category, and making Droid Scan work with it was a priority, so I am happy to announce that Google Photos support is ready now and it will ship in Droid Scan 6.1, very soon.
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