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Playsoft Nayak

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We have the following project and looking for freelancer to handle the project.

E- Publishing Software Requirement

Objective: The objective of the software is to insert the html tags  in the Word document which may be a book or any file or document. The size of the file is may be upto 5000 pages. The word document in which the html tags has to be inserted comes with password protected zip file for opening.  The software in .Net has to be written for the word document so opened in such a way that no one will be able to edit or modify the original content of the file except insertion / deletion / editing of  HTML tags and then save the document with password protection.
Apart from performing the above operations, we should also able to search the document by page No. Shortcut / Function keys  should be defined and used for following html tags. An Help menu  should be made available by pressing the F1 key which will contain the purpose of the Shortcut / Function keys.

1.<xml> ==</xml> book starting and …… ending 
2.<p> =</p> ====page starting  ……..ending
3.<h> =</h>==== heading ……………..
4.<1h>=</1h> ===sub heading …………….
5.<sub>=</sub>==== page heading…….
6.<i>=</i>==== Italic …………..
7. <b>=</b>===bold
8. <u>=</u> === underlined
9. <small> = </small>=== SMALL CAPS TEXT
10.<big> =</big>====big caps text
11.<ch>=</ch>=== Chapter opening and ending
12.<cn>=</cn> === Chapter number
13. <pt>==</pt>=== Part opening and ending.
14. <pn>==</pn>=== Part number
15. <fm>==</fm>=== Front matter of the book.
16.<bm>==</bm>=== Body matter of the book.
17.<rm>===</rm>=== Back matter of the book.
18<au>===</au>=== Author name of the book
19.<cp>==</cp>=== Copyright page
20.<ack>==</ack>=== Acknowledgment page
21.<ded>===</ded>=== Dedication page means blank page
22.<int>===</int>=== Introduction Page
23.<n1>==</n1>=== Numbered list, upper alpha list, lower alpha list, upper roman list, lower roman list.
24.<u1>==</u1>=== Unnumbered List
25.<vtx>==</vtx>== Poem
26.<sb>==</sb>=== Sidebar
27. <tbl>
<tr><th>asdfasdf</th><th>asdasdfad</th></tr> =============== table
28. The footnote cross-reference:

Al;ksdjfl;akjsdfasdf<f><sup>1</sup></f> a;lsdjfasdfl;kjasdf ======================= Footnote

All footnotes have to be placed at the end of the backmatter.
1. …………..
2. …………..

29. <br>===</br>==== For Break

30. For endnote cross-reference:
Al;ksdjfl;akjsdfasdf<e><sup>1</sup></e> a;lsdjfasdfl;kjasdf ========================= Endnote

The endnote should be tagged as follows:

<t>Title of endnote
1 asdfasdfasdf
31.<ab>===</ab>========================================= Author biography
32. <g>
Term<TAB>definition                  =============================== glossary

<TAB> means tab spaces have to be given

32. <index>
For primary entry                                   ============================ index
&emsp;&emsp;for secondary entry

M/s. Playsoft IT Solutions, Bangalore, India

Mobile: 91-9035644744 & 91-9845142996
Skype: hampanna.nayak
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Why don't you put it here ?

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Priyanka Varma

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Make your #dotnet application powerful with #Typescript. #webdevelopment #visualstudio
Typescript is free and open source programming language offering by Microsoft that seeks to change the way you write JavaScript.
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Ethan Millar

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This article is written and published by proficient web developers of a renowned company to help other people in the community in extracting values from HTML using HTMLAgilitypack. You will learn the trick step-by-step via this post.
‎AspDotNet ‪#‎WebDevelopers ‪#‎Asp ‪#‎DotNet ‪#‎HTML ‪#‎DOtNetDevelopment
This article is written and published by proficient web developers of a renowned company to help other people in the community in extracting values from HTML using HTMLAgilitypack. You will learn the trick step-by-step via this post. Do read every point carefully to understand the way ...
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Ajden Towfeek

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Introduction to ASP.NET 5 (Part I) - Frameworks, DNVM, DNX and DNU
This is the first part of an introduction to ASP.NET 5 series.
Plan to release a new part/lesson every week, check out the entire playlist here #aspnet #dotnet #html5 #javascript #typescript 
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Ody Mbegbu

Discussion  - 
When will ASP.NET vNext ship?

While at the MVP Summit, Carl and Richard chatted with Damian Edwards about his work building the new version of ASP.NET.

And this version is different than all those that came before it - ASP.NET 5 is being built as an open source project top-to-bottom, and leaving System.Web behind for an entirely new architecture.

Damian talks about being part of the team that drove open source into Microsoft, including his work on SignalR, originally an open source project on GitHub that was eventually pulled into the ASP.NET stack entirely.

The conversation turns into the new development process going on with ASP.NET, building on GitHub, and taking pull requests from the public while still sticking to an overall plan for the product.

Damian clarifies that while ASP.NET 5 is open source, the version that Microsoft builds and deploys is still a normal signed Microsoft product with proper tech support and so on. There's nothing to fear here!

Check out ASP.NET vNext on GitHub at

You can listen to the show at

Are you exploring ASP.NET 5? Let us know in the comments below or on the .NET Rocks web site. If we read your comment on the show, we'll send you a .NET Rocks mug!
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Clive Smith

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Cannot find a dedicated community about WCF so link may be a bit off-topic. I came across a GREAT article the other explaining WCF concurrency so thought I would share. Enjoy!
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Adina Alice

Discussion  - 
Building .NET Applications on Linux and Mac

#macos #linux #dotnet #aspnet  
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How cute.
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Mansoor Gharib

Discussion  - 
How to get all values of a clumn in datagrid wpf (the column is of Price so I need to get every cell value of that column and total it) note that columns are auto generated?
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Prasanna Reddy

Discussion  - 
Do you know How to run #Hadoop?
Local (Standalone) Mode, #Pseudo -Distributed Mode,
Fully-Distributed Mode. For more
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anil kumar

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Provide eCommerce website in $200 Please email me if any one want -
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Nasa Nguyen

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Functional Reactive Programming
Deal of the Day:
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Mansoor Gharib

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How to create an exe file for a C# application that is connected to SQL Server database?
I've tried advanced installer by using the script generated agains th databe by SQL Server but gives errors when when I run the setup.
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Is this a winform app? If so it creates it all for you. If it is a console app then you have to create an installer for it.
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Ok, all this does it block the context menu from opening on right-click. It doesn't protect anything.
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Different ways to Export Data to Excel (.xls, .xlsx) in ‪#‎ASPNET‬
Different ways to export data to excel (.xls, .xlsx) in ASP.NET using EPPlus, NPOI ...etc.
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I'm going to have to look at NPOI. Currently using GemBox to do this.
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Q- Which button click will give the validation alert message? And why?
1. we have placed javascript code just above the closing body section.
2. Both the button control have the same id

    <form id="form1" runat="server">
        <input type="text" id="txt" /><br />
        <input type="button" id="btn" value="Submit 1" onclick="return valid()" />
        <input type="button" id="btn" value="Submit 2" onclick="return valid()" />
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function valid() {
            if (document.getElementById('txt').value.trim() == "") {
                alert('Enter text');
                return false;
            return true;
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On "Submit 1" button only
On "Submit 2" button only
Error: control cannot have the same id
On both "Submit 1" and "Submit 2" button
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