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King of fire kingdom: +Darius Childs
Minster of fire kingdom: +Jaymie Okyido

King of water kingdom: +Moqtder Childs
Minster of water kingdom: me +Suirō Uhiha

King of earth kingdom: +Franken Stein
Minster of the earth kingdom: open

King of the wind kingdom: +tsukiumi hoshigyuki
Minster of the wind kingdom: open

King of the lightning kingdom: +kuu ichimaru
Minster of the lightning kingdom: open

Knights of fire
1) +Anthony Carmine

Knights of water

Knights of earth

Knights of wind

Knights of lightning

(Teams will have to go on missions made by the owners)
(Teams must have a leader and must be approved by a owner or monitor)
(Teams must have two elements and must have a symbol for them)

Is it okay if I make my own team please?

Hi, I'm new here but I'm just wondering what ranks are their here besides knights, kings, and ministers?

Do you like to write, have something to say AND are a role player? Then Roleplay Guide Magazine is looking for you!

We are looking for experienced writers to take on regular columns on topics such as Realm Reviews (reviews of sims), Effective Character Building (including the power of back stories and character sheets), Character Styling (where do you get those awesome accessories) and more.

Please contact us by email at Give us your name, your RP realm (including what platform, such as Second Life or OSGrid, etc), tell us a bit about your experience and give us a 300 to 500 word sample of your first article idea (include title).

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name syll
age 18
gender male
race unknown
appearance the pic with the guy in black
personality likes fire, funny, kind
kingdom fire
rank n/a
team n/a
weapon sword of eruption
lava/fire control
-summon abraxas (my dragon)
cause volcanic eruptions (takes alot of power and it leaves him tired)
- fire storm (takes awhile to cast)
likes fire, food, volcanoes
dislikes water
bio  unknown

dragons name abraxas
age 20,000
gender male
race fire dragon
appearance the pic with the long drsgon like serpent
rank 1
abilities fire and lava control, can fly without wings
bio was sealed in the sword of eruption years ago and when syll found it the sword and abraxas became bonded with him and abraxas can be summoned from the sword serve his master syll and abraxas and the sword will only serve syll until he dies
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Nusuma would stand quietly by the side of the throne with his daito sword in an obi sash around his shoulder, a manifest and register in his right hand and a Calligraphy pen in the other, He looked up to the king Ahruil "Now to begin the day, is our stock of resource count...then your meeting with the people, a five o'clock meeting with the have a full day Sire"
 (+kuu ichimaru, and open to those in the lightning kingdom...and of course neighboring Kingdoms that are not hated or hate the kingdom of lightning)

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Name: Ryuketsu no Akuma
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown 
Appearance: [Look at picture]
Personality: Sadistic (in battle), lazy, sarcastic, protective
Kingdom: Fire
Rank: N/A
Team: N/A
Weapons: Twin katanas, fangs
Ability:Soul Hunter. (This allows her to suck out someone's soul by kissing them. The down side is that everytime she uses this she gets a little weaker.)
Likes: Blood, nighttime, wolves, games, 
Dislikes: Loud people/things, sluts
Bio: People shunned her, and one day her mother and father beat her near the point of death and left her in the forest to die. She was found by Storm, who pitied and felt sad for her. He took care of her and never left her side since. 

Dragon Name: Storm
Dragon Age: 190
Dragon Gender: Male
Dragon Race: Water
Appearance: Shiny obsidian scales and blue eyes
Rank: 1
Abilities: Water/Ice control and healing
Bio: He was living in a cave near the fire kingdom when he found  a human shivering and crying in the fetal position. He stood by her ever since.

Lies in a the water and naps with Madi [open rp]

Laying in a field of grass beside Key looking at an old book Here it is Key, the book of Dragons we need to return this to the temple it came from.

Key: Of course master we should not delay.
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