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Name: Octavia Shiyme
Age: 19
Magic: Heavenly-body Magic and takeover
Appearance: blonde hair, tied into a pony tail with blue eyes.
Likes: Music, peace, friends
Dislikes: hatred, ignorance
Biography: Octavia has always had a interest in magic. So she learnt heavenly-body Magic and also a takeover form. She has grown to be a powerful Mage and has defeated a few S-class monsters. 

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Name: Tomix
Age: 19
Height: 6' 1"
Weight:195 lbs.
Hair:White/formally Red
Eyes:Gold/formally Green
Magic: soul weaving, uses his gauntlets as a focus
Likes: spending time with friends, fighting, reading
Dislikes: bullies, the idea of fate, being called weak, Cyless his younger brother
Bio: I grew up in a small village with my family, I've always been rather adapt at using magic. I was over confident as a child and it lead to the deaths of my parents and younger sister. My brother Cyless goaded me into trying forbidden magic which nearly killed me and left my family virtually defenceless. when I regained consciousness my brother stood over the bodies of our family and laughed, I don't know why he did it and I don't care, because when I see him again I'll kill him. Until then I will hone my magic alongside my friends and guild mates.     

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Name: Yasuo
Age: 21; Very haggard-looking due to being on the road for five years
Height: 5'6
Weight: 160 lbs or less
Hair: Steely-Black, Wild Samurai-styled
Eyes: Unforgiving Black, when squinting; Torrential Blue and Tempest Green, when opened
Magic: The Art of the Wind, the first of many generations of disciples
Likes: Sake (rice-wine), Death, the Wind, Truth, Honor (in the Heart), Family, Friends, Wandering, Home, Philosophy, Purpose, Defying Fate
Dislikes: Justice, Guilt/Burdens, Virtue, Honor (in the Name), Habits, Unfinished Business, Ninjas, Fate, Loneliness, Other Wind-Fighters 
  The story of a sword is inked in blood.
  That's what I always say. I've been on this road for a long time now... Heh. Maybe too long. Sometimes, I can't feel like myself after a good, warm bath. It's almost funny, now that I think about it. When I see the dust and the grime and the blood just wash off'a me and into the water, I can't help but want it all back on me.
  If you wanna know why, then take a look at what I'd done. Not a mile down the road, you'll find the graves of the last batch sent after me. I cut through so many people - some of them were random assassins sent after me - but too many of them were my friends. And once, one of them was my brother, too.
  You've no idea how hard it is to fight your comrades, your only family. They all came after me because they're duty-bound. Me? I had to kill them... not for my life - when death is always beside you, you start caring less - but for my honor.
  Only I know the truth. Only I can bring the murderer who killed the Elder and framed me, to justice!
  I will not die dishonored.
Guild: Freelancer (currently); not sure which Guild to join

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Magic: Angeloid 
Likes: The lord, his Horoscope the Virgo, Music,and Weapons
Dislike: Satan,Evil,Lust,and Cheesecake  
Bio: His master had told him that he fell from the sky with damage wings sad thing is he can fly but his wings were to damage so they cut them off and built wings for him so one day he can fly again

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Name: Zak Kaufman \ Ghost Rider
Age: Late 20's somewhere
Height: 6'3" \ 6'10"
Weight: 210 lbs. \ 500 lbs.
Hair: Tan and shaggy \ Orange Flames
Eyes: Green \ None
Magic: Hell Fire endowment
Likes: Not a whole lot
Dislikes: Too damn many to list
Bio: Orphaned a young age, raised my only sister, my only living relative. Made a deal to save her life, is now forever more the Spirit of Vengeance

Hey! I'm new to the Community, so I don't really know what to do but... It seems you're all making OCCs and some OCs. If that's the case, may I set my own OCC?

I made an OCC, and I'm not sure what Guilds are still active so... please comment on my OCC's profile if your Guild is still up?

May I add some Magical Items in this page?

Okay, give me a minute to set up........

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