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Welcome to the Official WordSearch Hero Community.  Post here for general chit-chat, suggestions, complaints and pretty much everything related to the game.

Anything blatantly off-topic, or with nothing but images that are not related to the game will have the post removed.

Drug/Sex/etc related images will get the post removed/banned.  Repeatedly getting your posts banned will also get your User banned (since you don't learn).

Keep the conversation on-topic and clean please.

wherer and how i can get more gold?

There seems to be a problem with the leaderboards/scoring? No data available until weekly and when you play the monthly scores and #of words are not being updated?

I seem to have a problem with game play. When my game is finished, it doesn't go to the leaderboard, and the game takes forever to load back up for the next round, causing me to lose a lot of seconds before I'm able to play.

I'm still having the problem with the game not loading correctly. It doesn't automatically download the gameboard, so I have to exit, restart the game, and join in. This is usually at the 90 second mark, seriously hampering my game. If I uninstall and reinstall, will I lose all my gems, gold, lives, potions, etc?

So, I've got the show avatars block checked. Got a few people friended.. But I'm unable to see any on any board. I've seen screenshots that show them..What gives?

If changed phones a few times and I thought losing all my gems and potions was the price.

My real problem is that now after I merge ingredients into more lives, stacker, etc... they're not there when I go back. I'm always zero potions unless I use them immediately, which I don't. It's very frustrating.

How can I see everyone's avatars again? No faces show on my tablet.

My power ups keep disappearing, this has been going on for a few months. Please explain. I have been collecting them just to be sure this is happening. I have not used any in months yet they are gone.

Hello all 😊
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