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This is a trial balloon. An idea that came to me as I contemplated what the next step would be moving forward after yet another failure to pass the low bar of being a marginally decent human being. I had tried shrinks, counselors, friends, family, spouses, religion, 12 step programs, none of them were able to help or offer advice because none of them truly understood the chasm that existed between the fundamental most basic way we viewed the world. I mused that I needed a successful diagnosed ASPD to talk to. Somebody who shares the same paradigm that I do. Someone that has been through the ringer, tried, failed, and tried again and living a life somewhat resembling that of an actual human. I started this because Im looking for advice from those who wont waste my time or theirs offering useless platitudes and tired cliches about just trying to fake it to you make it. I started this community to keep myself from having to stare at another horrified look of disgust as I told the truth about how I think or the things I have done. If you been through it, impart some wisdom. If your just starting, ask some questions. These diagnosis are not some ball and chain we must drag along thru life as others parade by on their moral high horse. Many of our defining characteristics make us formidable and powerful. Im just searching for a way to use these, what I think of as gifts, to better my life and my standing as opposed to trivial Machiavellian mind games and engagement in drugs or criminal activity. I am certain there is a way to reconcile the two opposing forces. This is where I continue my search for the answer. We do not all fit the mold of those in the pictures. Mostly we are your friends, your neighbors, your family or your spouse.
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Check out new community. May apply to you. Who knows??
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