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Ingke YKJD-8099NL 100% cross J00-0076NL RJ45 Modular Connectors

Part Number : J00-0076NL
Made in China: YKJD-8099NL
Original Manufacturer:Ingke Technology
Supply Ability:5500K-PCS/Month
Packaging :Tray
Connector Type: RJ45
Number of Ports :1
Number of Rows :1
Applications : 10/100 Base-T, AutoMDIX
Mounting Type : Through Hole
Orientation: 90° Angle (Right)
Termination :Solder
LED Color: Green - Yellow
Number of Cores per Jack : 4
Shielding : Shielded, EMI Finger
Features: Board Lock
Tab Direction : Down
Contact Material : Phosphor Bronze
Contact Finish : Gold
Operating Temperature : -40℃~85℃
Contact Finish Thickness : 30µin (0.76µm)
Shield Material : Copper Alloy
Housing Material :Thermoplastic

Ingke Technology Mass production of the following models;
J0026D01 J0026D01B J0026D01F J0026D21E
J0026D21F J0026D21G J0033D21 J0035D21B J0048D21M J0073D01B J0C-0004 J0C-0006 J1006F01P J1006F21 J1012F01C J1012F21K J1012F21L J1012F21R J1026F01P J20-0017 J20-0019 J2039H3B J2039H3C J2042H3C J3006G21D J3018G21K J3026G21D J8064D649P J8064E62 J8064E64 J8064E66 J8064E68 JK0-0026 JP006821U JP011821U JP026821U JV006I21 JV026I21 J0C-0003NL JK0-0018NL JK0-0026NL JK0-0014NL JK0-0016NL JK0-0017NL JK0-0020NL JK0-0025NL JC0-0063NL JG0-0045NL JG0-0051NL JC0-0019NL JK0-0044NL JK0-0036NL J0B-0368NL J0B-0386NL

E' possibile fare una richiesta in questa sezione?

Ho un problema (irrisolvibile?) con la mia BeagleBone green; non riesco in alcun modo a disabilitare l'eMMC in modo tale da poter utilizzare alcuni pin GPIO presenti sul connettore P8.

Potreste aiutarmi?

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I prossimi corsi saranno a Novembre
A new +Yocto Project and +Linux Embedded training course based on organized by KOAN this week in Pisa, Italy.

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Do you really think low cost Oscilloscopes will be of low quality? Click to know some surprising answer @

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Development board fitting into Altoids Smalls mint tin box powered by +Octavo Systems OSD3358 system-in-package.

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Survey from +Michael Welling to gauge the community interest in the PocketBone KiCAD design

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The IoT Beaglebone Beagle Treat-Feeder
The Beaglebone Treat-Feeder is the prototype for a great pet-feeding device! Keep track of your pet's diet while you stuff your face!

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20170120 free #ebook Mastering Embedded Linux Programming First published: December 2015 from +Packt

Harness the power of Linux to create versatile and robust embedded solutions Create efficient and secure embedded devices using Linux Minimize project costs by using open source tools and programs Explore each component technology in depth, using sample implementations as a guide.

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"Today we'll be talking about the OSD3358 System in Package (SiP)"
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