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Name: nyx
Age: around 10 to 13 days old
Gender: female
Likes: being cute, my mommy +Twilight Sparkle​, friends, making friends.
Dislikes: sexual people, preditors, gilda the griffon.

Bio: Nyx wasnt born which this makes her unique. She was made as a ritual to bring nightmare moon back from her evil weekedness. Nyx was almost about to turn evil when she suddey to bursted out refusing to be that evil spawn. So she was stuck able to turn from age 10 to age 1 years of age. Shes been stuck this way for when twilight sparkle was ehhmm still being baked in the tum tum.
She was looking for someone to take care of her until one day around 20 years after twilights birth she stumbles on me in mane hatten looking for rarity. She looked at me and put me in her purse pouch and contuined on. (Not actual bio of her I make my own)

Family: +Twilight Sparkle
Friends: zip
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