Hey guys I was wondering if someone could trust me to the ark on kismet... I would like to start moving out... I was also wondering if my stuff was still there...

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+Matt Cowan blueprints for the Ark's Ark?
note: black lines represent walkways/ladders to get around the Ark with much more ease. the blueprints of the ark at the bottom of the page are not well developed for a reason.

+Matt Cowan shouldn't we remove the Eye's category? (btw, where is this "Ark's Ark?" I'd like to work for it :)

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+Matt Cowan We Gotta make something like this for TMA! But remove some and/or add new ones

by the way, should We Are GOD(S) be on TMA or our own project?
Not sure... If you don't know what this is don't comment 

FYI. mattofilms web site is changing. Have removed enrollment form and some other stuff. Only way to get ID card now is to be issued one by panel members. 

I love you guys

Question: Can we make my "Minecraftia: Rise of Herobrine" (Name still pending) a T.M.A. Project? I know the server is a private server, but the project involves A LOT of building (That's like 90% of the work, really). The project would inspire players to think outside of the box, since every village, town, city, ruined temple (And pretty much everything medieval) is different in some way. The only problems I can see with this is that players would need to get every mod, which may take a little bit. But I kind of need to support of T.M.A. so I can get more people, and speed up work on the project.

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Here's the community I made a while back but forgot to tell you guys. Remember to join! I need +Matt Cowan +Richard Arkless +Neil Griffiths  to join so I can promote them.

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So when are we making GroupCraft a TMA server? Or will we make it its own thing?? +Mitchel Menting +Matt Cowan

Moderators can now pin posts in communities so they appear on the top alongside the community description. As such I recommend that a post is created for each of the projects going over

What the overall aim of it is
Who is in charge of said project
The Server where project is hosted
The Website of server
Then have a concept image of what we hope for the project to look like

This is just a recommendation and in no way me taking charge of the community
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