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Here's a screenshot of my board in +Papyrus (at the end of the week). Of course my handwriting could be better but I can read it

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I have been under a rock for a few months. During that time I only used a couple of more Android apps until I realized that I had been using one of the best apps for Kanban on my tablet without knowing it!

The app I am referring to is +Papyrus. It's a note taking app that I have on my +Good to Know... tablet. This app alone justifies (or at least that's how I rationalized it) the purchase of the $450 tablet last summer.

Papyrus has replaced those black hard-cover Engineering Log Books that I used for 20+ years. I take the tablet with me to every meeting and use it for every 1on1 with team members.

One cool feature is the ability to use your finger to select parts of a page. and then drag them around OR change their color with two clicks. Yes, exactly what I needed for Kanban. 

Basically I just drew a few queues, named them and then I write my tasks free form on the board with the pen. I created a little legend on the side so I could initially remember what the classes of service / types of work I was doing.

At the end of the week, I copied all of the page (again, with my finger!) and pasted it into a new note and then removed the items that were done! This way I have a snapshot of my board each week.

I felt dumb that this great Kanban app was there for many months without me realizing it's potential for use with Kanban, Now, if I could get the creators to build a Kanban template ... hint, hint!

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I have started to build a Kanban board into my HAL tool (for desktop Web). Not sure how far I will take it but I am enjoying it. In the meantime, I've been putting together a Google Sheet to compare existing Kanban tools out there. If you use JIRA Agile and want to help me fill in that column, let me know. Happy Holidays to everyone!  

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Well, it's been a month since I posted. I was at a couple of conferences, most recently Agile Tour Toronto. I have a few apps to post. 

I used Regularly for a week to manage my Personal Kanban board but I wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. My review is here:

Hey all, my name is Andrew and I'm one of the developers that created the Android version of #kanbanfor1 which +The PHaM review back in June.

I just wanted to let you know that we have made changes to both the #Android and #iOS versions of the app which a number of our users have asked for.  The highlights of the new releases are:

- You now have two boards so you can track tasks in difference parts of your life.  
- We have added the ability to "sync" your tasks to your +Dropbox account.  This means if you have more than one device you can see the same tasks on all of them.  This even works between the Android and iOS version of kanbanfor1.
- kanbanfor1 for Android no longer hides the notification bar so you can see notifications from other apps.
- kanbanfor1 now allows you to add new lines to the text of your tasks.
- Updated graphics for the boards and tasks.

So go check it out and give me some feedback on what you think of it.  Also if you have any ideas on how to make it better let me know and I see what I can do.

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I used  GNotes by +Dato Jun at AppTest for a week and found it to be one of the better apps for Personal #Kanban on my Android tablet, next to  The app supports customized lists (queues), visible note cards, and you can drag and drop cards to other queues. You can see the full review at the link below with screenshots.

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I used +Todoist app to manage my Personal #Kanban tasks and found it quite good. It doesn’t have all of the features that I need for Kanban but it could suffice. To simulate Kanban queues, I had to create “Projects” for Ready, Doing, Done which works. Link to my review below.

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iRT GTasks Outliner is an interesting app. It's weird and it's wonderful. Very good for Personal Kanban once you get it setup. Check out my review ...

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+Wunderlist is a great tablet app for task management but not the best for Personal Kanban. The free version has tons of functionality. I could not justify CAD $63 a year for the additional functionality, way overpriced.

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Hello my loyal yet extremely quiet community.

It was a great week. I used the free version of Google Tasks Organizer for the past week and I was very impressed. It’s the best tool for my Personal Kanban on Android that I have used so far. Impressive given it was not designed for Kanban. It is the first app to get a near perfect score on the Kanban-friendliness. If it’s queues were vertical it would be perfect for me.
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