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Just a quick PSA, this community is intended as a music focused one and as such plenty of tunes get posted. i'm not on here a lot so im not policing whether those tunes are all actually martial or related genres but for those that i see i will be taking down any that are not on that end of the musical spectrum. repeat posters of non-martial material will be banned as spammers.

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Henrik Nordvargr Björkk's Toroidh

#Toroidh #Wermland #Martial Industrial 

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Is finally here:

First official videoclip of one of the most dark and haunting tracks of the debut album "This Way is Called Black"; a masterpiece near the old first sonority of Folkstorm (Nordvargr)

Follow the next step of the Chalice :

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Track n. 7 "Long Road in the Dunes" from the album "Knots of fear" of GOPOTA
Soon will be revealed some important news about the second chapter of the "Gopota project"

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+TSIDMZ Mutti, or THULESEHNSUCHT IN DER MASCHINENZEIT, is an Italian "post-atomic/electro-martial industrial" project which want to express a "sort of nostalgia (Sehnsucht) both from a pessimistic point of view, meaning 'absence', and from a constructive point of view, meaning a new accomplishment" for Thule, a primordial space both physical and spiritual in stricktly conflict with our post-modern era.

It's a little bit difficult to enlight its point of view, but I think music can express better the thought behind the project.

The track below is taken from the last work 'René Guénon et La Tradition Primordiale'.
If you are interested in this project, visit the Facebook page here:

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+CORAZZATAVALDEMONE is an Italian martial industrial (or "totalitarian industrial" as they called it) project from Messina, Sicily.

In March they released a new album called 'Stornellando in Grigioverde' by #WOLFAGEREORDS , a sort of concept which depicts the tragedy of World War I with a little feeling of romanticism. 

Here's the Bandcamp profile and if you want to know something more about the band, take a look to their Facebook page here:
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