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The end of the year is approaching. At Chi Family Dental, we offer some end of the year promotions to get your oral health ready for the new year. Give us a call today at 281 778 9261. We are located on Highway 6 and sienna parkway across the street from HEB. Also, check us out at
Chi Family Dental
Chi Family Dental

Has anybody eaten at the Mexican food store in Arcola that is near the police station ?    I have.      They have a sitting area for eating with bar-stools.   The price is low and the food is typical of those kind of places.     There are different types of meats under the heat-lamps and you tell them which one you want and whether you want just a taco or a platter.   The platter often is just the meat with rice and beans, and you roll your own tacos.    I like the "pastor" the best which is a pork marinated in a red spice, and then grilled.    This store is typical neighborhood corner grocery store like what you might find in border-towns, like Reynosa, Mexico.

Welcome to the neighbor social club.    There is so much to talk about.    The new section of Sienna at Bee's Creek is booming.    All the roads have been built and are open for bicycling.    There is a nice playground there, and the lakes have already filled up.    Toll Brothers are building some $ 500,000 homes back in there and their model will be open in about 2 months.

New construction has started on a day-care behind the new Valero Gas Station.      An automotive shop should be opening this spring in front of HEB.    And next to the auto-shop, they are breaking ground on an medical clinic.     The # 1 problem in Sienna is that we don't have a 24 hour emergency center nearby.    And the # 2 problem, is that you have to drive carefully sometimes on Sienna Parkway and in front of HEB on Highway 6, because it is dangerous, at times.    And the # 3 problem, is the intersection at Watts Plantation and Sienna Parkway.       That should be alleviated in a year when the tollroad service road opens up.
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