maybe the teacher and the janitor were in together on it, and they both helped build the 'pee box' where all the boys were told to go when they had to go, like a mini out house near the baseball feild, and they both drank the 'prize' that night after the game. Like only the boys on the baseball team were alowed to use this "pee box", but they didn't konw that it was actually all being secretly collected and bottled by them after the game, and they would go and drink it at home by their selves why they surfed the internet or something? no? Actually, Would men rather drink the piss of young boys or young girls?

Any have any stories of a women who forces men to drink other men's piss?

I'm looking for stories of a women who loves sucking other guys creampies out of her husband's sissyfied asshole. Like she makes him take an assfuck from 20 or 30 mean she got from the gym, and they all cum in his ass, and when they are done she makes him sit on her face and sqeeze all the men's cum into her mouth while she eats it all? Can someone make me a story like that? Be hot! it would be hot also if the guys pissed in his asshole a little to.

Anyone have any dirty stories of a women forced to drink gallons of piss from many multiple men during a night of sexy and humiliation ?

I'm not normally so dirty, just trying to spark a fire!

Would anyone here konw of any stories of girls making guys dress up like girls and making them satify other men?

Can anyone make up a story of a young lebian girl, made/forced to please 50 hot shemales in attemp to forced her to go straight ?

I LOVE the new cover pic!!! Can you send me a copy of it?

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Anyone here have any dirty 'crushing' stories to share with me?

Anyone here have any of these plastic model cars for me to crush???
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