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S.A.B.R.E Industries Main Facility

We Are Glad To Have You All here With us, We hope you all can work here in perfect Peace and Harmony Towards Our Goals for a Better Tomorrow


No Human Characters or  Furries Can be Animals and Ponies Though

No OP Insane Or Unethical Inventions


Have Fun

Hey guys hows everyone

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Name: Zephyr Recon Drone

Type: Scout/Missle Drone

Manufacturer: E-Tech Industries, S.A.B.R.E Industries, T2T Technologies

Powersource: Xeneth XVI A/T Reactor

Movement: 2x Silent XRT Hover Blades and 1x Thermobaric Fusion Thruster

Weapons: 2x 30mm Gatling Cannons and 2x Smart Rocket pods or 2x Smart Bombs

Avionics: MultiTargeting D-29 System and A-75 Centurion AI Drone Control with Integrated Manual control

Length: 9.7m

Width: 12.8m

Height: 2.87m

Description: This is the New generation of Predator Drones with the design being emphasised on Stealth and Firepower with this new Forward swept wing design it means this Drone is very manuverable when coupled with the Hover fans, and it is also capable of Diving Underwater if needed thus making it a unique and specialized vehicle

+Starlight Adeveonde​​

Hey is this community still alive?

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I was working at my holographic work station working out the kinks and other performance issues of what looks like a Planetary based Anti Fleet weapon for issues like power loading knowing it needs to be reloaded faster

Hello fillies and gentlecolts how is everyone today?

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S.A.B.R.E Industries Stage 1 Augments

Servos: Neodymium type 4 EM Servos

Description: this is the most basic of S.A.B.R.E Industries Augments, the more advanced ones have inbuilt weapons and in some cases Cloaking and everything in the Augment is Upgradable, for example the most advanced S.A.B.R.E Augments have Inbuilt weapons but look feel and also to sensors like real flesh due to Special Artificial Muscle and a Bio feedback chip

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A.E.U.G Heavy Space Marines Armour Suit Type-05

Type: Heavyweight Assault Armour

Manufacturer: E-Tech, S.A.B.R.E Industries, T2T Technologies

Power Core: Tachyon Stablized Zeta II Spark Arcane Reactor

Armour Material: Quantum Entangled Ceramics with Electrum Plating

Armanents: 3 Tachyon Beam Cannons, 1 smart Protonic Missle pod (on right shoulder) 1 Long range Hyper Rail Cannon (on left shoulder)

Sheilds: None ((except on the type 0-5N))

Jumpjets: Cerulean Class 0-6 Thrusters

Servos: S.A.B.R.E Neodymium Servos

Weight: 65Kg

Size: Universal

Capabilities: Extremely high resistance to energy Weapons and advanced Sensors and Targetting system with flight Avionics

Description: This is the Space Varient of the EDF Heavy Centurion Armour created for sole combat with the C.E.P.H but it can be fitted with a Arcane overshield to fight Noctourlern

is with +Shiny Mew the Shapeshifter​ designing a new jet
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