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Honest Businesses always suffer due to charging honest prices for their products ans services verses dishonest business who over charge and or do not give you what they promise, That make them more profitable and more money to make more advertising power , that includes All the Reviews that they Buy and fabricate with local AD agencies .

We want a Real Review option which is Run by Real People who shop and do Business with local business .

I am hoping we can start this movement and help Honest Local business .

Today is my first step in this direction, I have done business in the City of Glendale for many years working with a not so honest partner ( may he rest in peace )

I am hoping to devote rest of my life to this project, hopefully make it a NON Profit , but it cost money to register as such, But I assure you I will be transparent to all member on all matters including financial.
I am using what money I have to start this project with a simple Website since I cant afford to pay for it , The domain is

Thanks all

Your Honest Human
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