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Upon reaching one of my favorite parts in the "story-tutorial" of Skyward Sword, I decided to take my time and simply admire the night sky before following Fi to the next plot point. Looking around, I noticed a very peculiar set of stars in the sky above the roof of the Knight Academy; Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka, or as they're more commonly known here on Earth: The Belt of Orion. After locating the stars that formed the rest of Orion, I found the Big Dipper, with it's distinctive quadrilateral of stars, and handle. (My apologies for the rather poor quality of the images below)

Tell me about your thoughts and theories on this finding in the comments below...
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I have started an Ocarina of Time novelization (I've written two chapters so far and I'm working on the third!) and so far I have had a lot of fun coming up with a couple of theories of my own for the story.

For instance, the skull kids were once kokiri who disobeyed the Deku Tree and were cursed to stay in the Lost Woods. I also came up with how the kokiri were born.

I lately played Twilight Princess again. While playing, I got this theory in my mind: is Link Colin's true father?

1. First of all, Colin respects Link like it was his hero, or something even more.

2. Plus, when you get to Kakariko Village for the first time, you get the Children 's Odour, which shows you that the kids are safe and sound, but look at the last flash... It's Colin. Thus makes Wolf Link even more curious.

3. Moreover, when you firstly see King Bullbo, Colin is hanging from the halberd, thus making Link willing to fight the king.

4. Not enough? When you first meet with Midna, notices the silhouettes that she mocks. First Colin, then Ilia, daughter of the guard of Tauro Village, for whom Link has a crush.

Scientifically, the fact that may confirm this theory lays in Punnet's matching square.
The chief of Tauro has brown eyes and blonde hair (BRbl)
His wife has green eyes and blonde hair (GRbl)
Now this would have a 78,5% of probability of the baby coming out is with the male gene (BRbl), leaving a 6,25% of probability of having a GRbl (female gene) or a BLbl (Blue eyes, blonde hair)
Buuuttt Colin actually has blue eyes and blonde hair. Which, lookie here, it's Link's same colour of eyes and hair. Thus, the BLbl gene skyrockets to 75%.

Socially, in rural villages like Tauro Village, 17 years-old boys and girls are already in age of marriage and breeding. Speaking of which, sterile women or women who didn’t get pregnant after the first time after marriage are used to be banned from society or, worse, burned up at the stake, blamed of witchcraft.
The fact is that, in order to avoid being burnt to a crisp, the chief's wife would have lied to her husband, saying that she was pregnant.

Also, they (the chief and his wife) would have made sex before he left for taking service to Hyrule Royal Family, but his spermatozoons didn't make it to impregnate her. And that's where Link comes in place in this betrayal triangle: since he is very attractive, the village chief's wife would have made a dirty thought on him, secretly allured him inside her and... Here goes his semen being the one impregnating her. It can also be that Colin respects Link so much because he's his actual father, who raised him until the village chief came back from the Hyrule Kingdom in the meantime that it was being took over by the creatures from the Twilight World. 

Is Hyrule Warriors canon? 

I have a theory. This would cross between Pokemon & Zelda. What if the Twilight Realm is the Distortion World from Pokemon? That would help with how there is the ruins of a castle in the Distortion World in the Pokemon anime. The Pokemon world constitutes Hyrule and Giratina created the Twilight Realm.

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What theory should I present next, my fellow and beloved theorists? 

P.S.: I never thought I'd actually find an image for the purpose of this poll, but google came through LOL! 

Artist: dragonsofthewestiroh
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Fierce Deity
Death Sword

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Revised Theory (Theory Re-post)

I'm re-posting this theory because the last time I did, the comment section got very heated... over a whole different theory that wasn't this one lol. Ok, here goes!

There have been two theories I have heard about regarding the origins of Majora's Mask. One says it came from Hyrule and the other says it came from Termina. 

My theory suggests that it came from neither. 

I would ask you guys to please read the entire thing before posting your comments and thoughts.

My theory starts from the very origins of the game. Let’s travel back to its basic beginnings:

We know that in the beginning, there was chaos. The goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore descended to this chaos and created The Surface. Din created the land (this includes not only Hyrule, but also Holodrom, Labrynna and all other dimensions like The Sacred Realm, the Twilight Realm, Lorule, and Termina etc.). Nayru created the natural laws for these worlds... obviously these natural laws vary depending on the realm/dimension). Farore created all life forms (again, with some variations, depending on the realm/dimension).

Upon completion of The Surface, the three goddesses ascend again from a place that was later called The Sacred Realm, leaving behind the sacred relic known as the Triforce. They entrusted this relic and the safety of the new world to the goddess Hylia. During this time, the Demon King Demise, erupted from a fissure in the land and gathered his tribe. He tried taking the Triforce for himself, waging a vicious war against Hylia and the races of The Surface; this war nearly wiped out all the humans. To keep the remaining humans safe, Hylia sent a piece of land up to the sky with the remaining survivors on it. This floating piece of land is called Skyloft. 

So far, this has been the confirmed history of the creation of The Surface. You can view a copy of Hyrule Historia if you would like to read it for yourself (it’s a wonderful book!). Remember that at this time in the timeline, the world doesn't have a proper name; it’s just referred to as The Surface. We know that during the Era of the Goddess Hylia, humans and other races were living on The Surface, Demise waged war on the Surface Dwellers and he kills almost all humans but Hylia sends them up to the sky. At this point, with the humans and the Triforce safe from harm, the goddess and the Hero face off against Demise one last time, ultimately sealing him away.

But where did Demise and his army come from? It is said that they came from a fissure that opened in the earth. I assume (and this is all speculation) that they were created by the goddesses, like the rest of the Surface Dwellers, but became corrupt, their hearts tainted by greed and hunger for power; they became an evil tribe. One that loved violence and discord and were shunned hated by all the other Surface Dwellers and were then imprisoned within the earth for their evil ways. I also assume this tribe had magical abilities since they were able to break free and go against Hylia herself (she had damned hard time keeping him at bay), almost slaughtering the entirety of the human race. 

This information has been gathered from Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time.

Now, let's move on to the story that is explained to us in Twilight Princess. At a certain point in history, a war broke out across the land when evil “magicians” learned of the mythical Triforce located in the Sacred Realm and wanted to take the Triforce's power for themselves. They crafted an ultimate weapon, the Fused Shadow, to help them. These magicians, now called the Dark Interlopers, when it seemed they were about to win, were sealed away in the Twilight Realm. Their Fused Shadow was broken into four pieces: three were scattered across the land, one was sealed away with them. 

How do these connect? Well, think about it. It is a known fact that simple civilians do not have access to the Sacred Realm, yet these Interlopers knew exactly where it was, and what it guarded. The only others to ever have direct contact with the realm were Demise and his tribe, who were also aware of the Triforce. What does this mean? 

The Interlopers and Demise's "tribe" are one and the same.
They (that is to say, the Interlopers/Demon Tribe) created the Fused Shadow and then went to war with Hylia. Upon their imminent victory, Hylia sent the human survivors to the sky along with the triforce. Then she seals Demise and his tribe in the Twilight Realm. Now that Demise and his tribe have been sealed, peace returns to The Surface. However, the goddess knows the seal on Demise will not last forever. Hylia makes the decision to reincarnate into a mortal body and I assume this is the time when she creates Fi to assist the future Hero. These events lead up to the events in Skyward Sword. We know what happens in SS. Hylia awakens inside Zelda, Link gets chosen as the Hero and they have to kill Demise, whose seal has become weak, allowing him to break free at any minute. I want you to keep in mind how the only one to break free from his seal is Demise. His tribe, his army, is never seen again, which means they are still sealed up in the Twilight Realm. 

Please pay close attention to the design of The Mirror of Twilight... and then go back and look at the original Seal placed on Demise. Coincidence? I think not. The main difference in the seal and the mirror, however, is that there is a triforce in the middle of the mirror. I am aware of this. But we can go back and look at the final seal placed on Demise. It is a sort of inverted Triforce. 

Let’s go back again to the tribe that remained sealed in the Twilight Realm (the Interlopers). It was said that they lost their ruler as punishment for their greedy actions. And lost him they did: Link killed Demise in SS, didn’t he?

The story as we know it continues. Demise curses Link and Zelda and then Link and Zelda remain on The Surface, establish a Kingdom, and call it Hyrule. Meanwhile, in the Twilight Realm, the goddesses decide to leave one portal open, connecting the Twilight Realm to the newly established Hyrule: the Mirror of Twilight. The Triforce is no longer inverted because it is no longer a seal, but a passage between the two realms. (Perhaps they hoped that the Interlopers would repent and ask forgiveness, to be allowed back to Hyrule? Who knows!)

I am assuming that during this time, Rauru created the Temple of Light and sealed the Triforce inside... where it remained undisturbed until the events of Ocarina of Time. Keep in mind that the three Fused Shadow pieces are still spread out across Hyrule.

Now we move on to Majora's Mask. Based on what we know of MM, the mask is said to have belonged to an ancient tribe, used for torturing and hexing rituals. The mask was cast away and the tribe vanished...

What can we assume from that? That the ancient tribe who made MM was none other than Demise's tribe. The mask's "wicked power became so great that it was sealed away to prevent a great catastrophe." The great catastrophe being aiding in the victory against the goddess Hylia. The tribe vanished after that... of course they did. They got sealed away in the Twilight Realm. 
The similarity between Majora's Mask and the Fused Shadow is uncanny. It is possible that Demise's tribe created less powerful (but no less dangerous) artifacts to use in the war against Hylia. 
It is possible then, that when casting out the pieces of the Fused Shadow, MM was also cast out and ended up in Termina. (Maybe even more items were cast out and ended up in different parts of the world, we won’t know this till future games!)
Here I have another theory (well, more like speculation) of how events unfolded in Termina upon the arrival of MM. But I’ll leave this part for another post, another day! 

Leave me your thoughts in the comments! 
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Birth: Sometime before the events of Spirit Tracks.

Race: Lokomo at first. After joining Cole, a servant of the Demon King Malladus, he is exposed to darkness. This causes his physical appearance to change. As a Lokomo, his name is related to trains (at least, I've heard that Lokomo names are related to trains). In this case, it's a spin-off of "burn," as in the burning of coal for engine fuel.

Appearance: Depicted below. He sports a few Lokomo designs, keeping true to his heritage to an extent. Unlike the other Lokomos, Byrne/Staven does not appear to own a vehicle that appears to act like a wheelchair for the elderly. His most noticeable feature is his (seemingly) mechanical arm.

Life Before Spirit Tracks: Before the events of the game (perhaps months, perhaps years), Byrne/Staven is an apprentice to the Lokomo Anjean. Whether it starts when he is a child, at birth, or at the age of, say, 20-years-old is unknown. Being a Lokomo, it is also possible that he had another life (or several lives) before he is shown in Spirit Tracks.  Eventually, he has a thirst for power that the spirits, those the Lokomo serve, do not choose to grant him. As such, he decides to search for a power greater than that of the spirits. Cole finds him and manipulates Byrne/Staven by giving him a false hope for power. He makes a deal: in exchange for serving Cole and helping him release the Demon King Malladus from his bonds in the Tower of Spirits, Malladus will grant Byrne/Staven the power he thirsts for. 

In-game Life: Working for Cole, he works to release the Demon King Malladus so that he can have his great power. He goes so far as to battle Anjean, his ex-master, on one occasion and the iconic pair, Link and Zelda, as the boss of the Tower of Spirits on another. Interestingly enough, out of all the locations to battle him, it is the very place his master served out her later (and possibly all) years--the sole location that most exemplifies the role of the Lokomos during the events of the game. What's more is that, if Link plays the Spirit Flute during the battle, he will remember the sound of the Spirit Flute. Originally, it was a gift from Anjean, his ex-master, to Tetra of the pirates that founded New Hyrule.

     It was after this encounter that Cole released the Demon King Malladus, but the deal with Cole was laid to waste. Cole admits to a very injured Byrne/Staven that he was being played for a fool--that the Demon King would never even think of giving someone of the Lokomo tribe great power. Realizing the error of his ways, he slowly comes to realize that he should rejoin the side of his old master. 

Death: Ending of Spirit Tracks. He sacrificed himself so that Zelda would have enough time to reclaim her body, which held the "sacred power of the spirits," as he called it. Fortunately, he's a Lokomo. I'll let Zelda and Anjean take it from here. 

Zelda: "I'm so sorry. Byrne was trying to protect me..."

Anjean: "Yes, but there should be no regrets. He wouldn't have had it any other way. Besides, our kind are servants of the spirits. We don't disappear that easily."

Anjean stretches out her hands, and the fragments of Byrne's blue-ish soul are collected. 

Zelda: "What do you mean?"

Anjean: "The spirit is persistent, my dear. Byrne may not have any memories of these events, but years from now, he'll return in a new form. You see, as Lokomos... We weren't only meant to protect the Spirit Tracks. We were also meant to watch over mankind. But our protection is no longer needed. Even without the spirits' guidance, you will do well. So I think I will return to the heavens... In the company of my old friend Byrne."

Zelda: "Anjean, wait!"

Anjean: "Please watch over this land, my dear. And Link... You must help her."

Anjean now turns into a purple-ish soul, and the souls of the other Lokomos follow her and Byrne/Staven head for the skies.

Themes: Byrne/Staven actually has a few interesting themes--or, perhaps I should say that his theme appears several times, but with different tempos depending on the situation. This video appears to have every verison of his theme: . It's actually not the same video as below. (Google+ is just a little mysterious sometimes, in my opinion.)

Fun Fact: Before the fight with Malladus and Cole on top of the Demon Train, Anjean was determined to go and fight with Link and Zelda, saying it was too dangerous for them to go alone. That's when Byrne, still injured, offered to go in her stead, saying "it's the least I can do." Link and Zelda decided that they were to weak to join them, and boldly claimed that they could take on the monsters themsevles. Anjean exclaimed that their ancestors would be proud of them, but Byrne could only stare after them, awe-struck at their smiling resolve.


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Episode number 16 in the series The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 2015 this temple itself which is somewhat enlarged xD
Episodio número 16 de la serie The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 2015 este templo sí que esta algo agrande xD

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Success indeed! How many times did we accidentally re-read Gaebora's speeches because we had no patience? LOL!
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