Anyone in the mood for a roleplay? I will do oral as well as insertion, you will have to ask about other forms of vore role play. I only do giantess vore, (anything that is remotely humanoid can fall into this catagory, including aliens, nagas, and other such creatures,)

I prefer PrivatePosts but I will use hangouts occasionally.

Just send me a message if you're interested!


Is anyone up for a giantess vore RP?
I'm kinda bored at the moment :/.

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(who wants to be pussy vored by a giantess?~)
You were in a jar all small you were panicking until you a girl come in and sees you oooh~ she picks you up out of the jar and brings you to her face I'm gonna make you my little toy~

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Hey everybody.
Someone's up to do a dual rp ? I'll play a giantess for you, and you'll play a giantess for me, that's what we call dual rp.

Comment or message me if you're intersted.
I can do whatever you want as the giantess.

Bye !

~Don't Tarnish the Fox Shrine~
by Cysh Aizen

The two girls stumbled upon a shrine hidden deep within the forest as they were exploring, a bit curious about it at first, they walked up the steps, quite a bunch of them as well. Seeing the massive torii gate at the top, and of course some smaller ones further below during their walk.
They looked around at the buildings of the shrine, their architecture being rather different than the nearby city, as if they had entered a completely different era in terms of style, or perhaps a different region as well. They slowly walked up to the donation box that was positioned in an area in front of the main building, lots of space and accessibility around it.
Nanna raised an eyebrow as she got closer, staring at the box and sneering. “Psht…False gods begging for money, what a bunch of crap.” Raising her hand and flipping off the box, and the shrine itself for that matter. Turning around and waving one of her hands dismissively as she started walking.
“Let’s go, Veseere, let’s not give this harlot false god more of our time.” Veseere, glanced over to Nanna for a moment, moving over to the donation box she dropped a little item into it, a smiley face charm that said, “Bite Me”. She snickered and turned around to leave as well.
Veseere crashed into Nanna’s back as they approached the steps again, blinking and rubbing her forehead. “Ow…Why did you stop so suddenly? What’s the matter?” She looked upwards, staring at Nanna’s back for a moment before peeking over her shoulder to see someone standing in front of them.
“Get out of the way!” Nanna said in a snarky tone to the figure in front of them, dressed in a beautiful nontraditional shrine maiden’s outfit, quite a bit stranger than what the two of them were wearing though. She had four tails sticking out from her back, hue and fluffy, swishing around. A pair of ears twitching on top of her head as well.
“So…You enter my shrine, badmouth the deity who owns it…And then even make demands? You two are something, aren’t you?” The fox woman said, grinning over to the both now and shaking her head. “I should teach you two a proper lesson on how to behave when you enter sacred ground like this.
Nanna glared at the fox in front of them by now, raising her hand and flipping her off as well. “Just get the heck out of the way you dumb bitch!” She started moving forwards now in an attempt to shove the fox out of the way, or perhaps just push her down the steps of the shrine even.
Veseere blinked, raising her hand to stop her, but not in time. The fox shook her head and sighed at Nanna’s course of action, raising her hand she whacked Nanna with a simple spell right in the face, and then she was just gone. Veseere looked around in confusion about Nanna’s sudden disappearance. She was not far though, and the fox just smirked widely as she took a step closer to Veseere as well.
“Your turn now, no escape for you either. I saw that little thing you dropped into the box, and you think that’s alright? Nope!” She yelled at the end, smacking her with the same spell as she had taken down Nanna with, and the realization of just what had happened made her eyes open wide.
“N-No!” She was staring upwards now, standing right next to Nanna as the both of them were about the size of dolls compared to the fox woman, towering above them with a wide smirk on her face as she certainly had some nice plans for the two of them.
“Time to punish you.” The fox said with a shrug, almost as if she was bored of them already. “Not that I find it…Fun or anything.” She stated afterwards, showing off her fangs, she reached down, grabbing Veseere into a tight grip. “I know where to place you for now, so just stay put while I make sure this other little missy gets what she deserves, alright?”
The fox woman gave Veseere a smile as she pulled open her tabi socks a bit, dropping her inside and making sure she landed properly underneath her foot, trapped between the fabric and the flesh for now, before placing her foot back down on the ground and smothering her inbetween.
“As for you!” She stomped down next to Nanna, with her other foot though as she didn’t wanna crush Veseere inside of her tabi. “I got nice…Plans for you.” Smirking she played around with her hakama for a moment, pulling out something that made Nanna’s eyes go wide.
Above her the fox had pulled out her dick, it was huge, must have been at least the same size as Nanna at the moment, and the way the fox was looking down at her it was almost clear what sort of evil things she had in mind for her. Reaching down she picked up Nanna, making sure she had a tight grip around her as she certainly did not want her to escape, Nanna had been the worst person to visit this shrine in forever after all!
Cysh moved Nanna closer to her cock, wrapping her hand around it and forcing Nanna to stay smothered between the flesh of her hand, and the flesh of that huge cock. Stroking up and down for a few moments before positioning Nanna against the tip of her, allowing her to get a whiff of that musky scent of the foxcock. “Are you ready, little one?” Cysh asked with a grin, shifting her around a little more until the tip of the cock was pushing up between her legs, the stroking had easily pried off Nanna’s clothes by now.
Nanna shook her head, that huge cock against her tiny pussy in comparison, she was fearing for her life by now. Holding up her arms she tried to wave them up at the fox that had her. “Wait please no! I regret everything, I take it back! Be a good false goddess and let me go please!” She tried to sound remorseful, and well she completely failed at it, and the fox was not amused at all.
“Asking for it you dumb…Horncat creature thing.” Yeah, the fox had no idea what Nanna was, other than a little fucktoy cocksleeve for her to use! And without hesitation or warning she shoved that little pussy onto her cock now, the fox making sure to keep her alive while also letting her feel the pain of her insides pretty much being pushed aside in every direction as that cock forced itself inside of her, her whole body bulging out around it in its shape now.
Nanna cried out feeling herself being violated by the huge cock, she couldn’t do much though, as her whole body was being used as a living cocksleeve for the horny fox woman, and she was not being gentle either. The hand gripped harder around her by now, starting to move her cock in and out of her tiny form in a proper fucking motion.
“Been a while since I had a proper sleeve like you…well at least one that was still conscious, though I guess I have to thank myself for that, infused you with a little bit of fox magic to make sure you can feel…Everything.” She said the last part more menacingly, as she started jerking the tiny Nanna must faster over her cock. Almost pulling her cock all the way out, before slamming it right back into her, and this continued!
Nanna was drooling precum now, coughing and gargling around it as the fox was slowly releasing it inside of her. Nanna had no idea how this was even possibly, her eyes rolled back as her tiny pussy and body was still being abused by the large fox.
Poor Veseere had no idea what was going on, she could barely hear the muffled noises of her friend from above, through the flesh of the foot and the fabric of the tabi sock. Every now and then the foot shifted, squishing her down against the wooden sandal that Cysh was wearing as well. Her tiny hands pushing up against the foot above every now and then, though all this did was tickle the large fox.
Cysh giggled a bit, pulling Nanna off of her cock for now and holding her in front of her face, she was dripping cum for every orifice, she had made sure to pull away before she actually released though, or else she might have split her apart from the cumshots alone, and she certainly did not wanna kill her in such a way.
“Learned your lesson?” She asked but did not wait even a single second before receiving an answer before she walked over to one of the benches nearby, each footstep squashing poor Veseere some more, almost crushing her every time. “Oh, almost forgot about her.” Cysh said with a little snicker, feeling the tiny squirming inside of her sock now, she had been so busy abusing and fucking Nanna to feel her earlier.
Cysh dropped Nanna onto the bench, perfect height to stare right at the huge cock that had previously been forcing its way inside of her. “Now…Here I can release properly!” She stated, playing with and stroking her cock some, pointing it directly at Nanna standing there dumbfounded, she just did not have the energy to actually move out of the way though, and as Cysh closed her eyes, pushing her cock a little more forward and released several massive loads of thick and sticky foxcum right on top of Nanna.
Nanna did hold up her arms, though it didn’t do much against the thick cum that was covering her small form on the bench. She fell over onto her back now, wiggling within the pool of cum, trying to break free. “Let…Me out.” A bit of gargling could be heard as she swallowed quite a bit of it.
Cysh let out a little sigh, pondering as she used a finger, poking into the cumsplatter to give Nanna some breathing room, though that was just so she could see the fox getting larger. Well, technically that was not correct either, the fox woman had shrunk her down even further. Smirking widely as she hovered the tip of her cock above her. “I think I know how I want to end you…” She nodded, raising her cock and smashing it down on top of Nanna now.
Nanna couldn’t do anything, she stared as the cock came down on her now, screaming out as well as she could with the cum still in her mouth, before a simple splatter of red was left within the white cum. Cysh seemed quite happy with herself, having found a new fun way to end someone under her cock, heck even just the tip of her cock even. “Worthless little mortal.” She stated afterwards, hiding her cock back within her clothing now as she sat down on the bench.
“Oh right!” She raised her foot now, dropping her sandal and removing her tabi sock. Reaching inside of it she pulled out the little half-squished Veseere from the inside. “Almost forgot about you again, are you doing well?” She asked, almost sounding like she cared. “Oh well! You did leave a little wish at the shrine, didn’t you?”
She held out her hand, summoning that little “Bite Me” charm into it now, showing it to Veseere for a short moment before throwing it away. “Sure, I can do that! Such a strange thing to wish for, but not like I am one to complain.” She laughed at this as she moved the small girl closer to her lips, parting them just a bit to show off the row of white teeth, as well as the much sharper fangs she had as well.
“Makes you regret your wish now, doesn’t it?” She said with a smile, she wrapped her lips around one of her legs at first, kind of teasing her before she bit down and took it right off. “Nom!” She exaggerated a bit, swallowing the leg she had just bitten off, watching Veseere scream and cry out in agony. She hadn’t put any specific spells on her either to dampen the pain and suffering.
“Awww, I thought you wanted me to bite you? I am just doing what you asked…Here, let me do it again.” She bit off the other leg and this time she was even openly chewing it in front of her, making loud smacking noises with her mouth and sticking out her tongue to show the bloody chewed remains of her leg, then gulp, down it went with the other one.
“Your arms should go next, right? Makes sense I think!” Veseere was shaking her head, crying out and begging to be released by the fox, but Cysh had absolutely no care for her well-being anyways and just wanted to punish her for their former behavior at her shrine, even though this specific one hadn’t been the worst out of them.
“AaaahnNOM!” She made sure to position both of her arms in such a way that she could chomp off the both of them at the same time, heck she didn’t even take the arms all the way up to the shoulders even, leaving them elbows and up. Though it seemed the fox was not gonna keep her in this pain for much longer, opening up wide, with the arms still on her tongue and threw her inside.
“Oh well, I think I am done here, you two got what you deserved…And well, I got myself some fun and even a little snack!” She said with a snicker, her voice thundering around her when she was inside of the mouth, though it did not last for long as the tongue pushed her around. Making sure she landed on the teeth the fox started chewing, crushing poor Veseere into the same paste of nothingness that she had turned her legs and arms into before.
“Mmm…” She took a napkin, wiping away the cum and splattered remains of Nanna from the bench. Bunching it up and setting it on fire to get rid of it. Followed by a swallow to send the remains of Veseere down to her stomach.
Such was the faith of two people who enter the shrine of the fox…and did not treat her with the proper respect!

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Name: Calious 'The Bulwark' Constans
Age: 4,895
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Height: 12'3"
Species: Scatharn
Armament: The Great Shield Resolute Bulwark, The Caestus Mage Breaker
Likes: Sewing, Fishing, Selflessness, Critical Thinking
Dislikes: Cowards, Currs, Blades
Personality: Loyal, Honorable, Impartial,
Bio: Legatus Calious of the 12th Legion of Scath, was born a simple pauper along with his brother Claudious. Growing up in poverty, as a looked down upon race the two naturally lived under hardship and learned to treasure what was important. Not cash, or material possessions, but other people. As they aged, the two decided they would found their own village based upon the principle of helping your fellow neighbor. From this village would spur the legend and the rise of the Empire of Scath. Calious too honest for diplomatic affairs, and too prideful to be granted a rank would choose to serve in the military from the bottom and work his way through the ranks. Fallen Legate of the 12th Legion of Scath, Last Knight of the True Scatharns, Daemon's Bane, Butcher of Men, Survivor of the Night of Red Tears, The 12th's Unwavering Bulwark. Are a few of the titles he would earn through his career, until it all fell apart during the Night of Red Tears. His kingdom destroyed, family slain, and forsaken by supposed allies, the man lead his only neice Westah, and a few dozen survivors through a warp gate to the nexus between worlds, Felarya. Settling an island in what was called the Far Lands, he would debark on a proving journey to discover the history behind that strange land. His travels have sent him to various worlds since, and many foreign battle grounds have witnessed his shield.

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Which set would you prefer Nanna Ylva to wear? Remember that expression could mean something vastly different from what you imagine. ^^
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Brown Lingerie
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Red Lingerie

I apologize about delays in RP's, over time is dragging me down. I have the next two days off though so for those owed, I will try to get you some responses. Also I just got to YCH commissions so look forward to those in the future! Hope y'all stay frosty and have fun with one another!

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Name: Jack Gorgon

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Turn ons: Feet....Duh

Height: Size Of A Gummy Bear ?

Likes: Dominant Femboys,Dominant Futas,Dominant Males,Dominant Females,Training,Ramen,Foot Fetishes,Boot Fetishes,Soda,Money,Teamwork,And Family

Quotes: "This Is Where The Fun Begins...."


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