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hey im new here and i got a theory: what if phone guy is inside golden bonnie?

Wow I thought with the FNAF teaser trailer there would be much more activity. Anyways one thing that I noticed was if you look in the background through the door when it shows the new animatronic  you can see what looks to be another one. Another theory I have is maybe, since now it's "Fazbears Fright: the horror attraction" people will come in and you have to protect them too. This is because it shows the audio devices, camera system and ventilation error. Then again that could just be to make it harder since there are less animitronics, we think. Anyways any other theories?

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So first. Merry Christmas everybody, but I think that Scott is giving us the biggest present ever! At 8:00pm CST, he will be releasing a teaser trailer for FNAF 3! I will post it as soon as it is posted, and I might have a few theories about this new game!

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I wasn't able to attach the image, but the fnaf 3 teaser currently on Scott's website, when brightened shows golden Freddy/Freddy standing next to a box of the scrapped to animitronics. While at first glance it looks like just the toy animitroniccs, we see foxy's hook. Does this mean the toy animitronics are being refurbished with the original parts or vice-versa. Something else interesting we see is balloon boy without his hat (or eyes). Anyways, leave theories below.

I think Scott will go back to the original Fredbears Diner where it all began and I also think you might face off against the toy animatronics or the older ones still

I think the 3rd game will be about either the murders are the bite...

Maybe we can play as a child or as an animatronic...

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