Can someone give me clan names which do not require trophies as I only have about 63 trophies?
BTW, my username is NSOverlord

please join infinitetrouble we always donate

To mods and owners:

To approve a person's admission into the community, at least 3 mods or the owner and 1 mod must vouch for that person before he/she can be accepted into the community.

Anyone knows and vouches for this person?
+25545555 陈帅汕 

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What does the Jump Spell say?

My awesome account is better than yours Bryan, I have way more elixir than you and my exp. level is higher than yours! In your face!!!

Hey Anton, here's one tip.

Upgrade your army camps and train as many barbarians as possible and attack quickly.

Make sure that you have at least have level 2 cannons and archer towers.

Also place walls around your whole base.

The Master

Anton. What's your username in Clash of Clans and how much gold do you have and what is the maximum amount of gold you can have?

What does the P.E.K.K.A say?
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