fast asleep in one of the booths, partied out from new years

i sit at a table drinking some apple cider and looking over some song selections of mine

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Name: Stephen Cloud
Age: 22
Race: Pegasus

Stephen is all about the arts. He loves to play instruments, sketch, and write. But the art form he's taken to most is acting. He's always looking for an opportunity to put on a show. But, he does all that stuff on the side. He works at a coffee shop for a living and keeps up with his blog. Pretty normal life I suppose.

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Name:GoldenVoice ((Gold for short))

Age: 19

Gender: Female


Talent: Singing

Likes: performing on stage, dancing, playing music

Dislikes: Stage fright, papparazzi, mean crowds

Personality: Though she is a great singer, she is very humble about her singing, blushing and becoming shy when people tell her she's good. She is also a very fun person to have parties with and will always be there to cheer up a friend by song or by helping them resolve their problems.

How Cutie Mark was achieved: When she was a young foal, she was performing for her talent show and discovered that she was meant to sing after performing and feeling what she was destined to do.

Trots into the bar and sits down in the stool at the main bench for drinks Some apple cider with extra cinnamon please.

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I wanna make sure that we have Apple Cider stocked up

Name: Frost Flare
Gender: Female (duh)
Favorite drink: Apple Cider (huehehuheu)
Other: Queen of the Glacier Empire ;D

lel Red like the new profile pic for the tavern

Do we make profiles here?

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Aiden Karu
Red you already know all about him

(lel hey Red

Make me a mod Red heuheuhue)
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