You know my name
Not my story

You see my smile
Not my pain

You notice my cuts
Not my scares

You can read my lips
Not my mind


No I dont care. I used to but now... Not soo much. I was there for you waiting. But you turned your back on me. You made it hard for me to try smile laugh hope trust love sleep eat and breathe. You took others with you too. My so called "friends". You call me the bully but your the one spreading rumors and calling me names and starting fights. No i dont blame you for my crappy life. But I still hate you and for once your the only one.
Best movie quote ever (mean girls

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What i have learned is that words hurt yes, but words also help. Express your thoughts through poems and songs. Post them here or read others who do the same:-)

thios guy made a fake facebook and told ppl i had sex with him and hge paid me he photoshopped my head on naked bodys. now im the school slut and everybody is teeling me tht im nasty and a cunt and skank and whore

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awful rumors these girls spread about me hurts so bad... i drowned my pillow in my tears last night... even though people are there for me i feel like nobody's there...

ever have a that feeling where a friend turns on you... its like a knife to the heart

sometimes we need that one friend that will be there for us no matter what

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wanted to get started right away. I dont care if anyone joins this! its for everyone and anyone who wants to! these are some pictures i like to remind me to keep going in life. if anyone needs to talk or say something to me in private, im there for you i will never turn you down. actually it makes me happy to help someone! 
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