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This is where important characters relating your universe go.

i have found my people

who wants to rp

(to Alucard Vlad Tepes) i wonder where my brother death is havent seen him in a while and this Cthulhu person is i say to myself out loud

Quick can question to owner can rp basically about any myths or does it have a certain type of myths

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this is my character war he is the 2nd horseman of apocalypse and wields a great sword 

may i rp with the people here

So, any creature I want from myth or legend? Or do you improvise?

Currently Myth land is ruled by the Cthulhu congratulations +Xastur H'aaztre 

Are +Sah Ruvaak +Hevno kaal kinbok and I really the only ones who have made at least 1 character?
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