Well is anyone still around?

So, any creature I want from myth or legend? Or do you improvise?

Currently Myth land is ruled by the Cthulhu congratulations +Xastur H'aaztre 

And now I am bored...

Are +Sah Ruvaak +Hevno kaal kinbok and I really the only ones who have made at least 1 character?

a tear in reality appears and all 13 Cthulhu Mythos gods step out of it

i appear before judantis in a sphere of fire

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Name: Shub-Niggurath
Species: Interdimensional Deity
Powers: Biological Manipulation, Evolution Manipulation, Life Creation, Life Embodiment, Life Mastery, Life-Force Manipulation, Samsara Manipulation (the manipulation of the wheel of time inside of every living thing)

What time period is this taking place in?

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Name: Gensius 
nickname: Snake 
gender: male
Species: Gorgon
Powers: Turning people to stone, super speed, can climb at incredible speeds, can summon snakes, super strength, can control water, can fly using wings,
Bio: son of medusa and Posidon.
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