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I was talking to a new member the other day who didn't understand what a text editor was.
This is not the first time I have had this or similar conversations by the way.
I thought it was way overdue to talk about how the *rich text editor*when used on a forum post can create as good looking and appealing post as a blog post.

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Hey has been a while.  I thought I would share something a new member of Adlandpro just wrote.  His name is Fronto and his G+ url is

You can find Fronto here on Adlandpro

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Happy Easter to all.
Welcome To Kevin's Online Store!
Please look at our various products and see if we have something for you.
To us, it's all about solving problems and customer satisfaction. This is our goal with this Business. There isn't a better time than now.

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Paintings for sale. All paintings will be framed and mated when shipped. Please contact for more information. Thank you.

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What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed By Failure and Frustration  #bobshoaf

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Frustrated, not having the success desired?
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