What is something you do that you consider your Sadhna? Sadhna again is a spiritual practice. What do you do to connect to God/True Self?

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As we develop a Sadhna, as it states in the Vedic Wisdom Known as the Crest-Jewel of Wisdom:
"RECOGNIZING as thine own the hidden Self, the witness of the soul and its activities, perceiving truly "That am I," destroy the thought of Self in all not Self.

Give up following after the world, give up following after the body, give up following after the ritual law; make an end of transferring selfhood to these.

Through a man's imagination being full of the world, through his imagination being full of the ritual law, through his imagination being full of the body, wisdom, truly, is not born in him.

For him who seeks freedom from the grasping hand of birth and death, an iron fetter binding his feet, say they who know it, is this potent triad of imaginings; he who has got free from this enters into freedom."

This quote for me speaks of the work that I must do. No Guru, No Class, No nothing can help me recognize who I am. I find peace in my Sadhna knowing it is about me, and the work I must do.

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Sadhna is at its definition is a spiritual pursuit and spiritual practice. We in the west look at some of the eastern practices and we take them on for ourselves. We see truth in these words, actions, and philosophies. We seldom look at what this means to us. In India for example, practices and beliefs vary village to village and more importantly person to person. There is not one way in which to find God, and all paths are sacred. All Sadhna’s and pursuits of God are left to each person to contemplate and discover.

That is what this book is all about. Developing your own Sadhna. It is important now in our day and age to make sure that we are always fostering our own relationship with God, on our own. How do we develop this? We ask ourselves the questions that we learned in elementary school: “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?” When reading an inspirational quote, or reading one of the points to ponder, we ask our selves these questions. This book does require a note book in which you will write the answers to the following questions to each quote.

Who: Who is feeling this?
What: What is causing this feeling?
When: When did I first have this feeling?
Where: Where am I feeling this?
Why: Why am I feeling this way?
How: How do I put this feeling into practice?

Get yours today: http://purepath.wix.com/path#!books/ca19

30 Days to Sadhna is a devotional that will lead the reader into a discovery of their own practice. Things that will work with one person may not work for another. How do you discern between the two? This is an easy way to each day rejoice in the eternal and timeless self and by asking yourself some simple questions you will find the path that leads you to your own spiritual practice. Your own Sahdna.
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