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Here is a playlist of the Homely for Christmas showtape from 1989.

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I saw this today IM scared of robots sooo much I stayed out of he show room but i LOVE the rockafire 

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I made this... it's Kawaii Earl

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Check out this youtube channel that I've been following for a while. It shows the conditions of the Billy Bob's Wonderland Rockafire and and all of the ups and downs and what they are doing to try and fix them. This channel made me realize how hard the tech try to keep the show running well.
I don't know if I should have gotten his permission before I published this. If I should have I'm very sorry.

Will rock afire explosion come to Sweden someday?

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Beach bear: hello there, beach lovers
It's me Beach Bear
I'm the guitarist in the Rock Afire explosion band, as you may know
You know you can't rock n roll all the time, sometimes you have to chill out as well
That's what i do after every performance.
I just sit down on a beach chair, drinking my tropical drink and relax, watching the beautiful waves crash onto the wet sand out at the beach. It sure sounds Great, you should even try it yourself.
Me, Fatz, Mitzi, Dook and Billy Bob look forward to play an Nice song for the guests.
We love the guests so much, they fill our hearts with Joy and happiness watching us perform,
And enjoy the cool songs we play, maybe even you Do too. Also we have cool arcade machines and the best pizza ever!!!!
Anyway that's all what i wanted to tell you about.
Peace out!!!!

Yo sup guys im new here

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Colonel Stonewall J Fox: well howdy there ev'ryone!
I'm Colonel Stonewall J Fox, from the Confederate Critter Show.
It's so Nice to see y'all here, folks.

Ummmm, hello i'm new here
I hope we get fun together in this community
It's so Nice to meet you all here

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How do you make CEC posters in mcpe?
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