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Welcome to GEM Player!

If you came here from the Animbus community, please leave that community. Thank you

What is GEM Player?
GEM is the music player shown at the Google IO 2014 event as recreated by me (+Adrian Vovk). This app is made for the Substance project and is fully open source.

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app does not opening, in android 7.1.2

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What version of Android are you using?
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Are you stop developing..?

I have been planning to announce this a few days now, but never got to it.

I am putting the GEM project on hold. You may think that it's because I burned out on code, and that might be a little bit of the case, but there is a much bigger reason. A reason I will not be able to describe to you, unfortunately, as that would be considered a leak and I am happy with my position at Substance.

Do not worry, GEM will be coming back eventually, most likely with a new branding (it will still be open source) and new features, maybe even some cross platform things coming around. So stay tuned. For now, I apologise. When the new (extremely exciting) project I am working on is complete, I will notify the community. For now though, it's goodbye.

Time to tell you guys what's going on.

That teaser with the sign in. Yeah it is something I won't leak yet but I'll tell you it has to do with files. Here is the thing, in version 0.3.0 you will not get that yet. It will be disabled server side.

As for development: I'm in Florida on vacation and silently creeping into +Daniel Citrin​​​'s house so no coding there, and the past 3 weeks were just painful because I was building a fence with my grandpa. We finished the day before leaving to Florida so no time there too. Coming back, school starts. Yep. But, my schedule should be structured in such a way that I'll be doing homework in school so I'll have free time afterwards. Anyways, I'm off to bed.

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What is this??????????????????????????????????????????????????

It seems there are concerns with weather this project is dead. It is not. +Julian Ostarek​ and I are currently working on finalising the Playback, Loading, Tags, and Dynamic Colors libraries in the SDK. The GEM rewrite will be using these libraries and they can change drastically within one commit. Because of this, there is no point to making GEM yet because I would spend more time making it compatible with the library then actually making it.

Any progress? Sorry to be frank, but there's been no development progress reported, no updates in the past few months, and your app tends to live in the shadow of Phonograph and other better players. I supported this project from the start but it doesn't have much going for it. If you're just unmotivated or won't have time, feel free to deprecate the project as there aren't many people who would be disappointed.
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