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Name: Savannah
Age: 12
Gender: Female but likes to hang with boys
Career: Photography
Club: 4-H
Class: 6-7
Persona: Part human part fox
Crush: Initials are H.H. & T.S.
Note: Don't get on my bad side cause you don't want to deal with me

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name :maaka ryouko ( japaniese order)
 Date of birth: orginaly  dec 31 but was changed to nov 20
Age: imortail but looks  16.
Gender female
 Sexuality straight
Crush: none.
Single or taken:TAKEN
 Family : demons.
 Powers: getting  people  to do as i want them  to , healing , 
 Likes:   the  occult .,  thing  retaliated to the  occult or Gothic things , blood , scary movies , night time , her  bf   , the color red., winter , fall , spring , tea., fashion , realited to the occult 
 Dislikes: humans ., summer time .
Weapon: knife .
 Town:wonder because of her  parents job.
 Friends: people into  occult  and  other  vampires  and demons
Appearance (in pictures)
 Personality:  dark , broken., yandere. 
Theme song: 
Skills: singing .
Strength: extramly   strong.
Weakness : none .
Fears: her bast  but nothing  else.
 Bio:  she  had an  older sister but there  was a  fire  and  she  escaped  but  people  thought  she   died  because they could not  find  her after the fire  but shortly   she  was adopted by  a family of   demons  into  the  occult and  also  turned into a demon  by them and they   changed  things on her  adoption  files  so  people  could not tell she  was  adopted  but they move  a  lot   . her  bf  is  a   angle  . but   she   will  kill anyone  who   find  out  about her secret . 
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Name: Last name Nickname: Date of birth: Age: Gender Sexuality: Crush: Single or taken: Family Species: Powers: Likes Dislikes Weapon: Town: Friends: Appearance Personality Theme song: Skills: Strength: Weakness: Fears: Bio 

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Mia: walks down the hall hmm emptey?

open rp

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I just made her sooooo....
Name: Naomi
Last name Knight
Nickname: Nemuidesu (Sleepy in Japanese)
Date of birth: Sept 3rd, 1998
Age: 17
Gender: ... female...
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: None
Single or taken: Single
Family: Single Mother
Species: Angel
Powers: Angel Powers, and other stuff
Likes: Quiet spaces, nap times, rabbits
Dislikes: Loud people (me for example XD) bullies
Friends:  (Insert here later)
Appearance: Black hair, wings, pjs
Personality: Shy, sleepy
Skills: Taking care of rabbits, most realistic sleeping beauty
Strength: Sleeping
Weakness: Having no sleep for more than 24 hours
Fears:Dying in her sleep
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 Last name:Rose
 Date of birth:Jan 8th
Age: 15
Gender female
 Sexuality straight
Crush: _
Single or taken:SINGLE
 Family mom and dad
 Dislikes volance
 Town:(this town)
 Friends: all
Appearance (in pictures)
 Personality funny,nice,kind,kawaii
Theme song: Shikira walka walka
Skills: dance,flexable
Strength:umm IDK!
Weakness fire
 Bio: i had a brother and a sister but they died at 5 and 10 it was sad but i still have my parents well... that it no cousins no aunt sad but i live with it!
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