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{ there exists a certain number of
people who can give first-hand account about the nature of Traditional Craft, such adherents are, in truth,
few and secretive. }

In the lordly vaults of the deep mind, that region of mankind which is most like unto the
dead and their Land of Unlight (by virtue of its closeness to them) there are precious
treasures, crafted in previous ages, waiting to be found. Death, its serene sister
“meditation”, and its shimmering twin brother “trance” are all pass-ways to the Sidheworld,
to the place where everything precious eventually ends up. There is found the
Grail-stone, the Fire-Emerald, the Serpent-Mother’s Tablet of Fate, or the Secret Heartthe
key to our successful future in our suffering world, and our destinies beyond anything
we can conceive of.
It is written: if you bring forth what is buried within you, what you bring forth will save
you; if you do not bring forth what is buried within you, what you do not bring forth will
destroy you.
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