Is there any interest from the developers for someone to take over development or open source the code?

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Hey guys, qcast is an amazing idea and did work realy well, I started using it just after it came out, and it was actually the reason a bought a Chromecast and switched from Spotify to google music. But it's been broken for over a year now... Should we consider it abandoned? Has anyone found any good alternatives?

Songs sit at 0:00 when trying to play through chromecast. Is there a fix or workaround for this?

Hello QCast,

As I really love the concept of this project,
I just can't seem to login with my google account,
nor with my spotify account.
this happens on both my phones.

Is this a known bug?

Is development on QCast dead? This app has a lot of potential and I'm still hoping to see it really take off. I've read lots of great ideas for new features that are supposedly in the works, but seems like there hasn't been much activity in a long time. I hope you guys haven't given up.

Hey QCast, I am a DJ for Private Events, and I use QCast to make sure everybody gets to hear what they want to hear. I use all of the sources provided on the app (soundcloud, Spotify, and Google Music), but I cant get it to log into my Spotify, which happens to be my largest library that I have... what do I do?????

Hey QCast, everything seems to work on my iPhone 6 with QCast thru Spotify, sent to Chromecast on a Samsung TV, except for the playback. I can see the party, the playlist, and can even skip thru the songs to the end, but I cannot get audio. The screen says that the songs are 0:00 in length, and although the play button and pause button seem to work, nothing plays and there is no sound. PLEASE HELP!

During a recent party, we had multiple instances when the currently playing song would "freeze" and couldn't be restarted. The only option was to skip ahead to the next track and restart the playlist.

I noticed this behavior when using a Samsung Note 4 as the playback device, streaming to a bluetooth receiver, using mobile data through Verizon wireless. I had strong data coverage thoughout the entire party. Screen on/off had no effect, as the behavior occurred regardless of the screen being on or off. The app remained open the entire party and I did not exit the app or leave the party. Guests were using both android and apple phones.

I noticed that the freeze would occur every time someone new joined the party; whenever I made a volume change on the playback device; or any time the playback device received a notification (text, email, etc.).

I also noticed this behavior any time that users were adding songs to the playlist. The app would finish the current song, que up the next song and then freeze. To get going again, we had to skip to the following song and manually restart the playlist. If no songs were added while the current song was playing, the playlist would continue on without a hitch.

Are these normal playback issues that everyone has to deal with? Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

This is a great concept, it's the perfect solution for a group of people that have different tastes in music. Unfortunately, it's really frustrating to use with multiple users. I would pay $10, even $25 if the app operated seamlessly. Have you guys considered making it a paid app and put some real resources behind it. 

Btw, I'm not trying to slam the app, I think it's an amazing opportunity for the developers and an equally amazing resource for the users. I'm hopeful that we can shed some light on these issues and further the development of the app.

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