Hello, I'm new here. :3 What do you guys think a cutie mark for jumping like a cat would look like, cause that's the special talent for my OC, but I don't really know what it would look like.

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ish need help with names
In his young filly years he had lost his father due to Oesophageal cancer. It was a lot for his mother to take in for her husband’s death. it hurt her everytime she saw him, he reminded her, of her passed loved one. So, she decided to put him in an orphanage. After a few years and months passed, he as adopted. It wasn’t much better because over those years he’d gotten shy and kept to himself. Once he heard he was going to start school again he got scared. He went to school on the first day, he made one friend and her name was Soda. He also found his crush, (Enter name). During most of the school year he got bullied for liking other males. When he went and told Soda, she fixed that. He liked Soda as a friend. They acted like they were brother and sister. He often hung out with her and when they were apart, he would mix music under the trees. After some time he started to mix music more than hang out with her. Once started as a hobby turned into his life. He mostly mixed pop and rock, pop and pop, rock and rock. One day he showed Soda Run Devil Run instrumental by Ke$ha with the words of Centuries by FOB. She liked and suggested to share the song. He pondered about it, had a little self-doubt, but went through with that idea. Then he got his cutie-mark.

Whatcha guys think? i did a good job developing him? I NEED HELP WITH A NAME FOR BOTH OF THEM!?!?!?
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My oc is he bad
I want a proper rating

Name: Night Walker
Gender: male
Race: Alicorn
Age: 18
Likes: to help his friends and will protect those in danger
Dislikes: bullying and violence
Bio: grew up fending for himself and born a regular unicorn pony he was trying his best to impress the princess, one day she gave him a special assignment to investigate a mysterious new land, when he arrived he came across a tyrannical ruler named satannis a powerful demon horse. He managed to defeat this foe and when he did the princess gave him his wings and then crowned him king of this new land. (Bio needs work tbh)

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My oc ...
Proper rates out of ten and no
'She's pretty' or whatever
I'm giving this community 1 try

I'll join right now to help you but I most likely will not be helpful

Awesome welcome guys hopefully this place will be better than the bad mlp OCS community

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