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There is nothing more satisfying as growing your own vegetables and eating them fresh right out of the garden. The herb garden need not be the monoculture garden of old.


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There is nothing more satisfying as growing your own vegetables and eating them fresh right out of the garden. Almost any veggie you can grow in the ground, you can grow in a container, Even if your gardening space is limited to container plants, you can still harvest fresh vegetables.
Most vegetables you would ordinarily grow in a small yard, #veggiegarden will grow fine in containers, first determine whether you want raised beds, containers, or a traditional row garden.
Everyone loves growing their own vegetables and eating them fresh.


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A Fire Kit contains everything you have to get a fire started, Whenever you require it, A true survival tool to be able to make fire anywhere, anytime. When is an emergency, a fire starter is a really helpful tool that makes survival situations tolerable. You must use very fine, dry lighter, for a steel and flint fire to be successful, Simply scrape off some magnesium shavings from your fire starter, gather them into an aggregation and then employ the flint to make a flash to start the fire. The more natural and familiar flint and steel fire starting will become, the more you use steel and flint.

picked the first of our cherry tomatoes today :)

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Video: we don't normally describe insects with the word "iconic", but this little bug is exactly that and more!

Not too many bugs have their own t-shirts, caps, mugs and coloring books...the ladybug is not just one of "the Beetles", but the rock star of beneficial insects! lol :)

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Fukushima Explosion What You Do Not Know

►►► Tuesday December 16, 2014 ◄◄◄
Data Source: NETC Chart Member Rad Map 5 (Members Only)

► 679 CPM - Station ID 5:811 Billings, MT, US
CPM: current 679 / Low 511 - High 1057
(CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)
Last updated: 2014-12-15 23:29:00 GMT-0700

476 CPM - Station ID 5:806 Colorado Springs, CO, US
429 CPM - Station ID 5:424 Raleigh, NC, US
362 CPM - Station ID 5:310 Pittsburgh, PA, US
358 CPM - Station ID 5:812 Grand Junction, CO, US
358 CPM - Station ID 5:725 Mason City, IA, US
352 CPM - Station ID 5:637 South Valley, NM, US
351 CPM - Station ID 5:813 Rapid City, SD, US
350 CPM - Station ID 5:912 Spokane, WA, US
332 CPM - Station ID 5:113 Portland, ME, US
332 CPM - Station ID 5:610 Albuquerque, NM, US
322 CPM - Station ID 5:631 Laredo, TX, US
319 CPM - Station ID 5:429 Augusta, GA, US
312 CPM - Station ID 5:708 Kansas City, KS, US
308 CPM - Station ID 5:101 Hartford, CT, US
301 CPM - Station ID 5:108 Boston, MA, US
300 CPM - Station ID 5:307 Charleston, WV, US
298 CPM - Station ID 5:447 Tallahassee, FL, US
297 CPM - Station ID 5:956 Phoenix, AZ, US
295 CPM - Station ID 5:414 Memphis, TN, US
286 CPM - Station ID 5:534 Champaign, IL, US
284 CPM - Station ID 5:107 Concord, NH, US
283 CPM - Station ID 5:533 Duluth, MN, US
278 CPM - Station ID 5:904 Los Angeles, CA, US
274 CPM - Station ID 5:103 Providence, RI, US
273 CPM - Station ID 5:801 Denver, CO, US
272 CPM - Station ID 5:919 Tucson, AZ, US
272 CPM - Station ID 5:949 Richland, WA, US
267 CPM - Station ID 5:715 Des Moines, IA, US
264 CPM - Station ID 5:910 Reno, NV, US
261 CPM - Station ID 5:308 Charlotte, NC, US
259 CPM - Station ID 5:705 El Paso, TX, US
258 CPM - Station ID 5:618 Lubbock, TX, US
258 CPM - Station ID 5:410 Knoxville, TN, US
257 CPM - Station ID 5:530 Saint Paul, MN, US
256 CPM - Station ID 5:937 San Bernardino, CA, US
253 CPM - Station ID 5:608 Tulsa, OK, US
253 CPM - Station ID 5:608 Tulsa, OK, US
251 CPM - Station ID 5:319 Harrisonburg, VA, US
245 CPM - Station ID 5:920 Fresno, CA, US
245 CPM - Station ID 5:304 Virginia Beach, VA, US
245 CPM - Station ID 5:513 Cleveland, OH, US
237 CPM - Station ID 5:538 Howard, WI, US
234 CPM - Station ID 5:714 Wichita, KS, US
230 CPM - Station ID 5:517 Grand Rapids, MI, US
228 CPM - Station ID 5:204 New York City, NY, US
227 CPM - Station ID 5:613 Shreveport, LA, US
226 CPM - Station ID 5:512 Detroit, MI, US
226 CPM - Station ID 5:501 Chicago, IL, US
220 CPM - Station ID 5:306 Richmond, VA, US
213 CPM - Station ID 5:914 San Francisco, CA, US
208 CPM - Station ID 5:907 Portland, OR, US
200 CPM - Station ID 5:311 Philadelphia, PA, US
ETC., ETC., ETC............

► Per U.S. EPA 
50 CPM and over is Abnormal
100 CPM Alert Level 
300 CPM Evacuation or Hazmat
CPM = Counts Per Minute

NOTE: Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center - is an Early Warning Radiation System that takes data from private radiation monitoring stations and EPA network and creates a RBL ( Radiation Background Level ) for each 3000+ stations everyday.

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hey guys and girls,

haven't actually contributed to this chat before.

however i have a really good idea that you all will definitely be interested in. There is a P2P platform called it is designed so that growers and consumers alike can purchase fresh foods from each other in a orderly fashion completely bypassing and getting rid of mega supermarkets all together.

You can post food within the locale area that are growing as well thereby alerting your neighbours and others who do use the software of fruits/medicines/herbs currently growing or are ripe for eating.

please do let me know your thoughts as i believe it is a wonderful tool at our disposal and have recently signed up today and shall be adding my own items to the mix once i start my growing reason later in the month.

any ways just thought i should give a heads up about this wonderful idea and hopefully we can get this spread far and wide within the self sufficiency community!!!

God Bless and take care

PS - do sign up and spread to other friends and family if this is something that catches your attention

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Stainless Steel Drainboard

Our stainless steel drainboards are extremely popular for people looking for an old fashioned quality functional drainboard to dry heaps of dishes, pots and pans.

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Cottage Craft All new for 2016

If you haven't visited our main site lately you will find that we have been very busy adding many new off-grid products for self-sufficient living.  

We have also upgraded our 10 year old site to the newest and cutting edge platform available. We are now mobile friendly, and have a simpler checkout using either PayPal or credit cards.
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