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Jeffrey Sachs, professor of economics, leader in sustainable development, senior UN advisor and bestselling author will be discussing the new age of sustainable development at Curtin’s Sustainability Lecture and Showcase in Perth, Western Australia on 19 May. RSVP for the event at:
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Jim Clifford

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Packsize is excited to introduce the iQ MICRO™, a new machine designed to serve the smallest of businesses. Read our official release here:
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#Smog elimination: China working on uranium-free nuclear plants

#China is developing a new design of #nuclear power plant in an attempt to reduce its reliance on #coal and to cut air pollution. Read on ...

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Onlineprinters Goes #Climate Neutral With #Green Pillars

Onlineprinters is challenging businesses to follow its lead towards becoming climate neutral. Customers can now place a zero-#carbon order, which covers everything from its own supply chain, right through to its #shipping process.

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Tapping Ground Water as Climte Defences:Ethiopian Experiences

Famous as the source of the Blue Nile, which flows from Lake Tana in the Ethiopian highlands, this East African country is far less well-known for its promising groundwater potential.

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Controversial: Asian Giants Look to the Arctic

India and China are in a race to build a presence in the energy-rich Arctic region with a focus on oil drilling and exploration of natural gas. Sustainable water management is a sensitive issue in this context.

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India and China are in a race to build a presence in the energy-rich Arctic region.
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A Rare Middle East Agreement, on Water

In a rare display of regional cooperation, representatives of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement on Monday to build a Red Sea-Dead Sea water project that is meant to benefit all three parties.

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Critical situation: global water shortages may pose threat of terror and war

From California to the Middle East, huge areas of the world are drying up and a billion people have no access to safe drinking water. US intelligence is warning of the dangers of shrinking resources and experts say the world is 'standing on a precipice'

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Join IIL and Greg Balestrero for a FREE Webinar on Sustainability and Organizational Survival on Thurs. Feb 13th. This webinar provides the motivation for organizations to look beyond a pure profit motive and take on social, economic, environmental, and ethical responsibilities to have a positive influence on global prosperity. 1 PDU. REGISTER TODAY:
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Global wind capacity up 12.4 percent in 2013: industry data

Global installed wind power capacity increased by 12.4 percent to more than 318 gigawatts in 2013 led by China and Canada, industry figures showed on Wednesday.
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FREE two-part LEED v4 Webinar today and tomorrow from 3-5 pm!

Sign up here:
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Amy Malloy

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All recyclers are not created equal. Ask the right questions!
Anytime we drop a can in a blue bin or take our electronics in to be recycled, we’re trying to do the right thing — but if those recyclers aren’t in turn doing the right thing, our good intentions lack good results. So how can you find a recycler you can trust?
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New #Sustainability Course offering from IIL: Organizational Survival 

The most successful companies today are looking beyond a pure profit motive and developing long-term strategies that support sustainable change throughout their entire value and supply chains. As a result, they are increasing value, enhancing their brand and securing their “organizational survival.”

For more information visit 
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Controversial Nigel Lawson claims reaction to global warming is 'collective madness' - what do you think? Join our sold-out lecture live online this evening and share your views on Twitter with #iseefutures
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To be or not to be ... Sustainability a question of supply and demand?

Global demand for energy is inexhaustible. In developed countries, populations continue to rise putting pressure on water, sanitation and other requirements. A growing taste for comfort and convenience demands air conditioning and heating systems, transport solutions, entertainment activities and a range of other related energy-hungry luxuries.

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Fracking: Depleting Water Supplies in America's Driest Areas

From Texas to California, drilling for oil and gas is using billions of gallons of water in the country's most drought-prone areas.

America's oil and gas rush is depleting water supplies in the driest and most drought-prone areas of the country, from Texas to California, new research has found.

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Supply Security as Renewable Energy Grows: European Disagreements

European Union governments and the bloc’s executive arm are splitting over how to guarantee electricity supply as the region builds more renewable power.

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Are you prepare to pursue a “Green” professional career? Learn here how to specialize in Earth and the Environment...    
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Back to the Roots - China’s 2014 energy targets boost role of gas in fuel mix

China’s continuing drive to reduce the share of coal in the nation’s energy mix is boosting the prospects for natural gas and renewable energy sources, according to analysis just published

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The world can change in a moment. What if this happened tomorrow?


By V. Lucien Maier

“It works?” He said looking at his friends wide grin.
“Yeah, I know.” He replied, he had that certain calm.
“IT FUCKING WORKS!” He cried again at Nathan. John placed his hand on his forehead. His thoughts were all over the place, and rightfully so. Trying to grasp what this would change.
Nathan Shut down the motor and grinned with a giggle or two at his friends slacked-jawed reaction. 
John immediately looked for the loophole, the problem in the equation.  His skeptical side came and questioned his friend. He dismissed this theory quickly, Nathan was honest. Sometimes too honest. 
If Nathan said he had constructed a motor that burned water for fuel, he was not lying. However there-in lie the problem. John had just seen a motor burning water. Wrapping his head around that concept was proving to be pretty difficult.
To be honest now that he had seen it done, it was not that hard to figure out how he had done it. Nathan had a grin on, “Cool huh?” He asked, with the innocence of a child. 
John shook his head up and down, but could not break his gaze at the machine.
“I got the idea off the net. See all those water4gas guys, they make these HHO bubblers and they install them in the car, to make them more efficient. It works with the gas system and by adding HHO to the fuel system you burn some hho and some gas, and thus the car is more efficient.” Nathan replied.
“Is it?” John asked.
“To be honest I have never tried. I wouldn’t know. As soon as the concept was in my head it went in other ways. See I think they are looking at from a different angle than I was. They are trying to get a car to go down the road. The question that I have always wanted to answer is how can we harvest energy? 
So I went smaller. See I was not looking to shoot a two ton car down the road. I merely wanted to generate power cleanly. So I got the weed wacker motor, I built a bubbler to generate hho.” He pointed at the clear plastic tub. 
Inside it was about 50% full of water and there was an electric coil running through the water. When power was applied the water would split into HHO, a temporary gas that will burn. There was a valve system behind to regulate how the “fuel” flowed into the intake manifold of the weed wacker motor. 
The weed wacker output shaft was connected to a belt that was connected to a small car alternator.  Which was then connected into the battery the battery then went back to the beginning and powered the bubbler. 
“Does it generate more than you burn making the fuel?” John asked.
“I think so. The battery spikes every time I have turned it on. I have only dared run it for two three minutes max.” Nathan said, when he looked over at John and realized he would have to explain why. “The engine is two stroke. I put in a dab of oil every time I run it. But because it is two stroke it gets its oil from the gas it burns. Since I am not burning gas.” Nathan said.
John finally leapt to a safe scientific ledge in his thoughts. “Is it maybe burning the oil?”
“I thought about that too. It certainly could be. I have not run it without oil at all yet. I assume that will burn up the motor. I want to build a four stroke version. I mean we can build this into a kit that anyone could make at their house.” Nathan said.
“Oh man I don’t know those oil companies are ruthless. I don’t think they would let you out of the gate with it.” John said.
“We will see I guess.” Nathan said, with a knowing smile. 
They put another dab of oil in the cylinder and fired up the motor again. It ran. 
“Once you get a fourstroke you should be able to run it all the time right?” John asked.
“Yeah, I am hoping to go a bit bigger too and hook up three car Alternators. But I don't have the cash right now."

John went home and slept, the next morning he called Nathan up early. "Hello?" Came a groggy voice.  
"I'll fund it, can we start today?" John asked excitedly.
There was a pause.
"No man, I can't let you do that." Nathan replied, now entirely clear.
"Why?" John asked, the wind leaving his sails. So much so he could hear the wind go.
"There's no money in it. Not a dime." Nathan replied.
"What do you mean, this will make billions." John countered.
"NO! It will never make a dime. It's the only way." Nathan replied firm.
Now John paused. 
"I don't care, can we start today?" John asked again.
"Really?" Nathan asked.
"Yes, I want to be part of this. I don't care about the money I want to see it work." John replied.
"I need you to sign a couple things. I have the next two days off, let's build it. Come on over." Nathan said.
"Be there in twenty." John replied.
John had done well in his life. Although he counted Nathan among one of his few friends. As many with money it was hard for John to find people to trust. 
John got into his truck and headed for Nathan's home.  Seventeen minutes later he got out of the truck and walked to the garage door. Nathan's home was actually an old auto garage. One bay of the three converted into a bedroom/sleep area. The rest a variety of bike parts, and half finished projects. 
Nathan handed him a cup of coffee. "I found a used lawn mower." 
But John cut him off. "No let's just put in a full effort. Where's your documents? Let's sign and get on the road." Ten minutes later they were off. First a drive thru for breakfast, then a home improvement store. John thought surely they would need to go to more places, However, Nathan said he was ready to start and they headed back.
        The next twenty-four hours were a blur of handing Nathan tools, and holding this, and pushing that, along with a couple of food trips. Which he made alone and as fast as he dared. But now one day into this grand adventure all the pieces were built and the machine was set.
        Nathan smiled as he looked it over. "I think we might be good." He said.
        John looked up. "Good?" He asked.
        Nathan sighed, "yeah let's fire it up." Nathan said, he flipped a switch on the hho camber. Power was drawn in from the battery into a coil running through water in the chamber. The water started to bubble. 
        The chamber brewed for a few moments and then Nathan opened it to the intake system into the 4 stroke motor they had bought. He hit a red button and the motor turned over. It did not catch. He tried again but again, it did not catch. 
       Nathan stopped trying to think of what he had missed. "Damn it." He spit out. 
       They sat and looked at their creation. After a moment Nathan hit the button in disgust, it fired. The hho cell had not been running long enough. The engine hummed and ran without a stutter. This time the output shaft was attached to three car alternators.
  More remarkable was that only one of them was currently hooked up back the battery, and it ran. 
  For two hours, without turning off. They had done it. They had a beer and John went home to get some sleep. And try to process what the next step would be. He felt as if Nathan didn't have a direction here and most likely this is where he would be the most handy.
He could not have been more wrong.
Nathan had known the whole time it would work. He knew also more about the world, more than most. He set to work. John woke up twelve hours later. Seemly small amount of time but in today's world Nathan had already reached around the world.
A full set of YouTube videos showed the generator and how it worked. A step by step guide showed how it was built. Complete with pictures of course. A webcam on the running engine, and a challenge issued to everyone to use the simple concept and build it.
John wondered what the world would do and he woke up to a world in flux.
Now it was not but three days, when videos started pouring in of engines in some configuration or another burning water.
Nathan had never wanted money, he had wanted to solve the problem. And John couldn't wait to see which one he would try to solve next.
Meanwhile all around them the world changed rapidly. Oil lost its grip as fast as the big box stores could make their own water to electricity generators. As common as a tvs they appeared everywhere. Bringing light and power to the whole world. 
Some credit it for the next great step in equality.

That Nathan built this motor is amazing, that Nathan gave this knowledge to the world makes him human.

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