*Catdog are downstairs, and Dog is playing with some light up ball* *Winslow is asleep on the couch* +LilTilOne3231 +Chirping Cricket +McKenna The CatDog Fan +NlDavissim

*we're at a party at Catdog's house, at night, and Dog is still playing around and wearing his cute costume* +NlDavissim +LilTilOne3231 +Chirping Cricket

*Catdog are in the living room, laying on the couch, tired* (we're all in their house) *Mervis and Dunglap are on the carpet, playing a board game* *Dog is slowly falling asleep* Dog: I'm going to get ready for bed. Cat: Dog, wait! I think some of our guests might be staying overnight. +LilTilOne3231 +Fun +Chirping Cricket +NlDavissim

*Catdog is laying down on the couch and Dog is half asleep* *Mervis is sitting on the floor* Cat: it's getting late... +LilTilOne3231 +Chirping Cricket +NlDavissim

*Catdog are sitting on the couch with Chirping cricket and Faith* *Winslow comes down the stairs* Winslow: Hi ya Catdog! What's up? *Dog talks with cookies in his mouth* Dog: Hi, Winslow.

*Dog shows you framed photos of random people* Dog: Look! We have these pictures to show you. Look! *Dog shows you picture of baby* Dog: Look! see! That's Mervis when he was one! *a picture of Catdog standing next to a train falls on the floor* Dog: oops!

*we are all at Catdog's house, and there are a lot of photos* Dog: Cat, why do we have all these pictures of random people? Cat: They're not just random people, they're people we know. +LilTilOne3231 +Chirping Cricket +NlDavissim

+LilTilOne3231 +Chirping Cricket +NlDavissim *Catdog are coming down the street, ready to party* *Lola, Lola's family, Mervis, Dunlap, Randolph, Lube and some other guy are all sitting in chairs on the street, in a circle, waiting for Catdog to come* *Catdog is still coming down the street and Dog is carrying a pineapple smoothie* Dog: Hello all!

^u^ +LilTilOne3231 +Chirping Cricket +NlDavissim *a picture of Cat catdog blows onto the ground* *Catdog runs after it* Cat: Stupid wind! Blowing my picture away!
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