We’ve merged L4G Stroud with CotswoldJelly for 2016 - the aim’s the same! Follow us on Twitter @CotswoldJelly.
Meet usually on #FirstFriday of the month @TheRamInn South Woodchester for Community Co-working & Collaboration focused on the local Stroud area, Vale, and Valleys, with a new one opening in #WottonUnderEdge / #Wottonue in Spring ’16.
Join us, and follow Stroud Techies and Designers Meet-Up Group too.

Moved to meet in town - #Link4Coffee @StroudLaptopFr- two Fridays a month - find us @CurioLounge 9.30-11.30! #Stroud  More room; More social!

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A delightful meal at the Amberley Inn last week when we had the regular #Stroud   #Link4Coffee  +Howard Moorey +Greg Dance 

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1st ever #Link4Coffee  in #Gloucestershire  and more accurately #Stroud  with +Howard Moorey ... the west country begins!

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What if we knew you?…..
Who could we tell? How could we help?
Involved in any aspect of the health sector?
#CommunityNetworking #L4G #Stroud
Join us for coffee on Thursday 16th October 10-11.30.....

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Link4Growth #Stroud  Next meeting: Thursday 16th October @AmberleyInn1- Join us for Coffee - What If We Knew You?.....

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What are you doing in #Stroud next Thursday?
What If We Knew You? 
http://ow.ly/BkcIo #L4G  #Link4Coffee

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Link4Growth is all about nurturing, supporting, and connecting with local people, businesses and communities. What if we knew YOU, in or around #Stroud? Join us in a Link4Coffee - Thursday 18th September 10-11.30.....

First event is a Link4Coffee @AmberleyInn1, Culver Hill, Amberley GL5 5AF #ThirdThursday - that's 18th September, 10-11.30. Join us!

Use Link4Coffee to catch up with colleagues and friends as well as making new connections too…
Find out what's happening in the community from local people as well as what else Link4Growth is hosting in your area.
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