Hii I am Raj, any girl interested in a roleplay please contact me on hangouts my id is hotraj02@gmail.com

anybody interested in erotic roleplays. Only experienced people (bengalis preferred) add me ravinaravina420@gmail.com. I am waiting... those who dont know roleplay pls dont disturb....

Any female like to have some very dirty role?
Role can be modified as per mutual requirements.
and also like to share dirty pics as per sceen from my side as wel as from other side.

Role can be of Incest, Force , Rape, Romentic , BSDM, any vied situation, next door neighbor,  teacher student, friends of husband, jiju sali, 

aslo welcome any other diffrent type of vied roleplay

massage me on hangout my id is jayonlyjay2@gmail.com

Can you rp with a mistress? On here

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you were getting ready for a party, you decided to take me, your pet, knowing I haven't been out anywhere else besides home and the park, you thought I'd be a good idea, a few hours before you asked me if I wanted to go, I starts getting excited and quickly said yes, but a few minutes before we had to leave, I cake to you holding on of my treats in my mouth looking down, I was having trouble getting dressed since I've never wore a suit before, you then.... ((I need a kind, caring, but a little strict mistress to play this part in either hangouts or a private post))

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Hi I'm new here, does anyone want to do this?? I'll send the pics of him to you in hangouts or post them on a private post

If you have kik and should like to rp message me
KikUsername: AnnieTheFemaleTitan
if you have instagram dm me on one of these accounts
1username: The.crystal_queen_annie
2 username: snk.arlise
3 username: random.snk_rp
I do any kind of rp but I can't play a dominant part I'm always the submissive type I like abusive and forced sexual rp also I'm bisexual so can be male of female but I prefer a female

Only Rule: You must Invite me to every roleplay ^^
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